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A Crowdfunding Platform Where Imagination Meets The Reality

GadgetAny is one of the most reliable & leading crowdfunding platform for tech startups. We help you to transform your creative ideas into reality. The platform is tailor-made for gadgets & tech products to promote new visions and innovative ideas. It opens the door to a huge base of community members for every creator.

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Latest Projects

Groundbreaking projects that are rocking on GadgetAny.

Filix- Next Gen Smart Air Purifier

997,455 Raised
933,510 Goal
Days to go
Alabama, United States (US)

Voiletra: Portable Power station. Never powerless.

2,268,056 Raised
1,867,020 Goal
Days to go
Singapore, Singapore

Leap- World’s fastest Wireless SSD

10,398,941 Raised
933,510 Goal
Days to go
New Jersey, United States (US)

0% Platform fee

Ensuring maximum funds for you with hassle free & easy funds disbursement process.

Extended reach

With GadgetAny, get more backers and raise more funds.

Personalized Dashboard

Dedicated smart dashboard to access all the data easily.

24/7 Support

Get fast help from our expert.

Multiple Payment Support

Receive backers from worldwide.

Simple Setup Process

Start your project effortlessly in 3 steps.

Easy Funds Withdrawals

Get your raised funds fast & security.

You can raise funds for

Technology Gadgets


Computer and Smartphone

Computer and Smartphone



Audio Gadgets


Camera Gadgets


Transportation Gadgets


Smart Wearables

Smart Wearables

Home Gadgets


Office gadgets


Kitchen Gadgets


Outdoor Gadgets


Health Gadgets


0% platform fee. Free fundraising

Ready to get started?

Start your project in three simple steps

Create your project

Draw the complete picture about your project & fill other important information.

Connect Stripe Account & Launch

Just connect your stripe account to the dashboard & launch your project.

Share your project

After creating project only needs to do share a project with world to achieve your goal.

Collect your funds

Funds raised by your project can directly transfer to your bank account without any hassle.

Start your project in three simple steps

Back the Project and Be the part of their Success.

Be a part of successful journey of innovative and unique tech projects. Explore the live projects of real tech entrepreneurs. Back the project, share your valuable thoughts, ideas and feedback with the creator and make the most out of it.


Who can launch a crowdfunding project On Gadgetany?

Gadgetany is a specialized platform that is being used to raise funds for tech and consumer related products. Anybody who is 18+ years old and has created something unique can launch the project on Gadgetany.

How long can a project run?

You can run a crowdfunding project on gadgetany for max 60 days. After you run an extended project . We recommend running the project longer than 30 days as it can help to raise more funds.

What happens if I don't reach my funding goal?

GadgetAny Works on flexible funding goals. If you don’t reach your goal you will still receive the funds and need to deliver the product.

What is reward based crowdfunding ?

Reward based crowdfunding is a type of crowdfunding where you need to offer something in order to receive the perk. Backers will receive the product after backing your project.

In how many countries can gadgetany work?

Click here for more details.

What is prohibited on GadgetAny?

Harrasment, hate speach, sexual contet, reselling and spamming is stirictly prohibited on gadgetany. There are some types of the projects which are strictly prohibited. You can check the complete list here.

When do I need to update my backers?

You need to update your backers frequently at least once every month. Please be transparent and try to share every detail with your backers and try to communicate more often. You must respond promptly and truthfully to all questions posed to you by either GadgetAny team or a Backer.