Gadgetany’s purpose is to provide the best and most trusted platform to our users. Safety and trust are our primary purpose. Our mission is to provide a safe and trusted platform where people are honest and clear when they collaborate to give life to a creative idea. We are open to providing our backers’ details they need to trust the creator and feel cooperative while backing their project.

That is why every project on Gadgetany go through some parameters where our safety team examines and assesses the project, content, and other information shared by the creator.

Things you need to know:-

Gadgetany is not an e-commerce store. People are not purchasing the products that already exist — they are helping to bring new products. Innovating new things and developing new ideas are not always easy. Some products can perform amazingly, while others can struggle or fail to impress. Be ready for a little bit of both outcomes.

Creators are responsible for their projects. Before backing a product, do proper research about the creators. Gadgetany doesn’t assess or analyze a project’s claims, resolve disputes, or offer refunds — backers should back the project at their discretion. They should decide carefully if the product is worth funding or not.

Some projects won’t go as planned. Sometimes, the projects don’t live up to the expectations, despite the creator’s best efforts. Gadgetany stands for outstanding track record for creators, but nothing is certain. So, keep this in mind when backing any project.

What do backers need to do?

Go through the project page carefully. Do thorough research about the project. It will give you all the necessary information — including a Verified Name — about the creator who is vouching for it. Go through the comments to know the opinions of other backers. It can help you with the updates (to know how the creator interacts with backers) regarding the project. Don’t forget to visit the ‘’Risk and Challenges’’ section.

Explore the project page.

It will inform you about every detail regarding the project and information — including a Verified Name — about the creator who is confirming it. Read the comments to see what other backers are saying and check all updates (to know how the creator interacts with backers). The ‘’Risks and Challenges’’ section is especially worth a look.

Ask questions

Ask questions on a regular basis to stay updated about the project. Put a direct message or comment on the project page to contact the creator. Comments are an excellent way to follow feedback and Q&As between the creator and the backers during the project’s progress.

Report concerns

If you find anything wrongful or suspicious, inform us immediately. We encourage our community to report malicious activity and raise concerns through the Contact Us page or ‘’Let us know’’ link on every project. Our Trust & Safety team keeps a close tab on feedback and takes required action to safeguard our community.

We are here to support you

We are always keen on getting feedback and finding ways to make our platform better so that you can rely on your decision of backing any project on Gadgetany. Though sometimes projects face challenges and unforeseen circumstances that could stop entrepreneurs from being able to fulfill. So we have tools and policies in place to help them effectively interact with backers. Failure to post monthly updates and maintain open communication may lead to restrictions to individual Gadgetany accounts or suspension of projects.

Risks are part and parcel of crowdfunding projects, so Gadgetany does not guarantee that contributions will be delivered as promised, that project owners will deliver Rewards, or that projects will accomplish their targets. In case, our Terms of Use are infringed, we will take action on behalf of our backers to set things right.

Though we don’t review or evaluate crowdfunding projects for feasibility, we require Product Stages for all Tech & Innovation projects . Our Trust & Safety team analyzes each individual project in this category before approving the Prototype Stage, Manufacturing
Stage or Shipping Stage to any project – so you can be better informed about where these ideas lie in the product lifecycle before deciding whether you’d like to back them. If we receive any queries or concerns regarding a specific project, our Trust & Safety experts analyze and take corrective measures to address the concern with the project owners directly.

We are constantly working to make our platform and policies better to provide an improved experience to backers and creator. However, we can’t make any commitment or promises on behalf of the entrepreneurs on our platform, and we can’t guarantee that every remarkable idea will materialize. To that end, Gadgetany does not settle disputes, nor do we offer refunds after the fund’s disbursement.

We are here to support you. You can reach out to our Help Center or contact us at any time. Our dedicated Customer Happiness team will reply to any support query within 24 hours.