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An e-scooter or motorized scooter is a two-wheeled stand-up scooter powered by an electric motor. It employs a deck spacious enough to accommodate a rider. Electric scooters have gained popularity since 2000 owing to their low price and eco-friendly characteristics. Also, it has become the best thing after sliced bread. Moreover, it has shot to prominence thanks to its straightforward build. Many brands came forward and made some of the best electric scooters that we ride today.

Even the heaviest ones weigh less than 100 pounds and comprise a handlebar powered by a motor. Its ability to slice its way through heavy traffic has made it a top choice transportation mode. On the other hand, problems like global warming and ozone layer depletion have propelled everyone to consider renewable energy sources.

In addition, the e-scooters market size is likely to surpass $33.5 Bn by 2030. The fast-growing population has skyrocketed the rising penetration of e-scooters. Also, the scooter industry has taken a giant stride owing to its constant upgrades. This article will help you to know the 10 best electric scooters in 2023.

After extensive research, as e-scooters take dramatic leaps in quality, we have cherry picked the best ones for you. The ranking of products depends on several factors. These key factors include speed, range, durability, powerful motor, battery life. However, we have considered some additional factors also. They include charging time, folding system, enhanced suspension, anti-theft mechanism, deck size, water resistance, etc.

The history of the first mass-produced electric scooter dates back to 1996. However, it went through multiple advancements to take the shape of a modern e-scooter. Finally, the modern e-scooters started making waves in 2009 when Myway, further named Inokim, became one of the best electric scooter manufacturers.

10 Best Electric Scooters in 2023

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Segway Ninebot Max - Best Overall

Best Electric Scooter in all aspects

Image Credits: segway

What We Like

Top quality IPX5 rated waterproof, and overall performance including highly affordable price


Top speed 18.6 Mph 
Range 40 miles
Weight 41.2 lbs
Max rider weight 220 lbs 
Water resistance IPX5
Foldable Yes
Removable battery No 
Charge time 6 hours
Price  $949.99

Segway Ninebot Max is a top-notch e-scooter in every possible way. It comes furnished with all bells and whistles. However, this leading e-scooter with a price tag of $949 holds water due to its wide array of qualities and features. It is considered as the best E-Scooter for kids.

These high-end features in these best electric scooters include a powerful 350W motor, a Smart Battery Management System, and a smooth design. Smart Battery Management System assures battery safety and also extends its life. LED display, Bluetooth capabilities, and cruise control.

add more feathers to its cap. It is a bit heavy with a weight of 41.2 pounds. However, its 42V battery, 10-inch inflatable tire, and powerful rear-wheel-drive 350-Watt motor amply justify its importance.

Apart from taming a max speed of 18.6 MPH, it can yield a remarkable range of 40 miles. Moreover, its tubeless tires can surprisingly iron out the bumps and potholes. What makes it unique is IPX5 rated waterproof, 20% hill grade, an anti-theft feature, and three different speed modes. A one-step folding system makes it easily portable. Mobile app and intuitive full-color display let you gain complete control of the vehicle to enhance your riding experience.

As earlier mentioned, Segway has gained widespread fame for rolling out genuine products. In this way, it has also challenged the status quo by launching seated e-scooters. As a result, Segway Ninebot ES2 + Seat is the best-in-class seated e-scooter.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Spacious non-slip deck. No zero-start infers you’ll always need to kick launch the scooter.
The loud bell for safety Six hours charging time
Beefy construction A bit heavy
The mobile app, LED light, and anti-theft feature
Easily foldable and portable

Segway F40

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Best for safety features

Image Credits: amazon

What We Like

Ultra safe e-scooter due to independent braking system along with hand-brake features


Top speed 18.6 MPH
Range 20 miles
Max rider weight 220 lbs
Foldable Yes
Motor 350W
Hill grade 20%
Price $769.99

Segway F40 is another top-of-the-line model of Segway F-series. This is an affordable electric scooter with price tag of $649. It boasts a speed of 18.6 MPH and a range of 25 miles. The separate braking system for the front and rear ensures safe stopping.

Furthermore, front and rear lighting with three-speed modes (Eco, Standard, Sports) stands it apart from the rest. The mobile app feature allows you to control cruising speed, driven distance, speed, and battery capacity.

Additionally, 10-inch inflatable pneumatic tires offer you a pleasant ride. In addition, the folding system along with a lightweight, strong aluminum frame adds a new dimension to it. A mighty 350W motor, 367Wh Li-Ion battery, multifunctional display, anti-theft locking, and hand-brake system are some powerful add-ons.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Assembly is a breeze. Terrible app
Highly effective braking action.
Smooth over bumps
Sturdy build
Anti-theft system
Lightweight and foldable

Gotrax G4

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The best beginner-friendly e-scooter

Image Credits: amazon

What We Like

Lightest e-scooter


Top speed 20 MPH
Range 25 miles
Charge time 4 to 5 hours
Motor  350W
Max rider weight 220 lbs
Item weight 37 lbs
Hill grade 15%
Price $599.99

Gotrax 4 at $599 is a much sought-after beginner-friendly e-scooter. It can unlock the max speed of 20 MPH and a range of 25 miles. G4 unfolds a whole host of features. These features include a digital display, digital lock, improved headlight and taillight, and low noise. G4 offers a comfortable ride with its 10-inch shock-absorbing tires, a dual braking system, and upgraded rider stability.

A combination of lock, dual safety lock system, and a digital lock is its noteworthy features. On top of it, double Brake System – Both EABS brake and disc brake systems harness your safety while zipping through narrow streets. In addition, an upgraded folding system allows easy storage even in trains and cars.

Furthermore, its 350W motor produces enough torque to scale hills as steep as 15-degrees. Also, the IPX4 waterproof rating implies it can fare better in light rain. However, our only gripe with this rugged deck e-scooter is it can’t catch a zippy acceleration due to its kick-start characteristics.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
The dual braking system for effective stopping. No zippy acceleration.
Relatively less charging time of 4-5 hours.
Easy to assemble
Digital display, digital clock 
Rear taillight
Pre-slimmed anti-puncture tires

Varla Eagle

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A powerful combination of high speed and range.

Image Credits: varlascooter

What We Like

Dual charging and higher inclination angle of 30 degrees


Max speed 40 MPH
Range 40 miles
Charge time 4 to 5 hours (dual charger)
Weight 77 lbs
Max rider weight 265 lbs
Motor  1000W
Hill grade 30 degrees
Warranty  2 years
Price $1,699

Varla Eagle at $1,599 is a feature-rich one of the best electric scooters with a futuristic approach. With a load capacity of 265 pounds, it can squeeze out a top speed of 40 MPH and a range of 30 miles. With a sturdy pair of 10-inch wheels, it performs impressively on off-terrains without faltering. 1000W dual motor, dual hydraulic brakes, LCD backlight, LED front and rear lights accentuate luxury to this model.

A blend of anti-lock braking systems, independent suspension, pneumatic tires, and dual motor gives you a pleasant ride even on rough bumps. Apart from its massive deck, it offers an exceptional hill grade of 30 degrees. Not only this, feisty piece of machinery never falls short of their snazzy features.

Its other benefits include a two-year warranty that covers the controller, throttle, and frame, a one-year warranty that covers the charger, motor, and battery, and a one-month or 100km warranty on the brake pad, inner tube, fenders, and kickstand. Lastly, it’s an affordable vehicle with a charging time of 8-9 hours (single charger) and 4-5 hours (dual charger).

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Mighty 1000W dual motor A bit heavy
Effective hill grade of 30 degrees.
Phenomenal long-range
Fast charging (4-5 hours) with dual chargers.
The higher weight load capacity of 265 lbs.
Independent suspension system
Upgraded hydraulic brakes for added safety
Intuitive LCD

Macwheel Mx Pro

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An ultra-lightweight e-scooter

Image Credits: imacwheel

What We Like

The most budget-friendly


Top Speed 15.5 MPH
Range 25 miles
Motor 350W
Battery 36V/10Ah
Tires 8.5 inch (Non-pneumatic)
Weight 28 lbs
Max rider weight 220 lbs
Folding time 3 seconds
Charging time 6 hours
Hill grade  N/A
Price $499.99

With a price tag of $639.99, Macwheel Mx Pro is one of the best electric scooters. It is an excellent concoction of speed, weight, range, and all-terrain compatibility. A powerful motor of 350 W and a battery capacity of 36V/10Ah culminates in a speed of 15.5 MPH and range of 25 miles. As a result, it can be a suitable alternative to public transport.

In addition, top-class features like non-pneumatic tires, water resistance, a dual braking system, and built-in steel wire make Macwheel a viable option.

This quickly foldable e-scooter employs 8.5-inch non-pneumatic wheels powered by Air Free technology to eliminate the need for extra tires. Both wheels come furnished with anti-slip provisions. Also, the one-step folding system induces portability.

Moreover, the anti-lock system, impressive off-terrain ride, and lightweight design add the cherry on the cake. Lastly, the MX Pro in-built app lets you track battery status, speed and control headlights.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Smooth ride Suspension system is not available
Spacious deck and standing platform
Easily foldable
IPX4 water resistance
Inflatable tires
Anti-lock mechanism and intuitive braking system.
LCD screen

Fluid Horizon

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Highly powerful motor with dual braking

Image Credits: fluidfreeride

What We Like

Extra-long mudguard and extendable range


Top speed 23 MPH
Range 23 miles*
Motor 500W
Battery 500Wh
Tires 8.5 inch and 8.5 inches
Weight 42 lbs
Weight limit 265 lbs
Hill grade 15%
Price  $699.00

This adept daily commuter is an ideal choice for urban riders. It takes a high-performance package in its stride. Fluid horizon can unleash a decent speed of 23 MPH with a range of 23 miles. However, you can extend its range to 30 miles using a 13 Ah long-range battery. Its mind-blowing features include a 500W brushless hub motor with an augmented output of up to 800W. It can readily meet 15% incline challenges.

Furthermore, the rear drum brake and regenerative braking combination deliver an unrivaled riding experience. Also, front and rear suspension with a quick folding arrangement take your riding experience to the next height. This pioneer range e-scooter has a lot of promising features in its ambit.

Besides, Upgraded and enhanced anti-splash mudguards, LED lights, and three different speed modes add safety to this model. Finally, Horizon sports an electric display that lets you keep tabs on traveled distance, speed mode, and battery status. Also, it is an affordable choice at $779.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Rugged build quality The deck is narrow.
Hydraulic rear suspension and extra-long mudguards
Display throttle combinations with lots of customization options.
Sleek design 
Easily foldable with a handlebar
Reasonably priced

Apollo Phantom V2

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Best motor capacity and lowest charging time

Image Credits: apolloscooters

What We Like

Lowest charging time and highest motor performance


Top speed 38 MPH
Range 40 miles
Motor 2x1200W
Weight 77 lbs
Max load 300 lbs
Battery  52V
Charging time 2-3 hours (dual charging)
Price  $2,099

Apollo Scooters have rolled out this masterpiece loaded with unique features. The high-end features of Apollo Phantom culminate in a top-notch performance package. It packs a heavy punch with its 1200W motors leading to a 3200W output. It features an extra-large battery of 52V, a 38 mph insanely top speed, and a great range of 40 miles.

Additionally, quadruple spring suspension, off-road riding, and dual disc brakes speak volumes of its abilities. Its unique suspension system gives a stellar riding performance. A highly effective dual brake system with additional hydraulic brakes makes way for ultra-short stopping distance.

Finally, it allows a maximum load of a whopping 300 lbs. Its rich lighting package includes 1000 lumen headlights, adequate deck lighting, and turn signals that leave no space for lighting accessories. 3.25 Inches pneumatic tires and multi-layered aluminum bolsters its structure. Lastly, a folding mechanism is an added plus.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Phenomenal riding experience due to its quadruple spring suspension. Clunky design
Beefy structure and attractive design
An effective braking system makes way for short braking distances.
Best lighting package
Stable structure
25 Degree hill grade
Two charging ports for fast charging.
Silent motor

Scotsman Carbon Fiber 2000W

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Excellent build with a powerful blend of speed and range

Image Credits: scotsman

What We Like

Highest range and speed, first 3-D printed e-scooter


Top speed  45 MPH 
Range 70 miles
Motor 2000W 
Weight 44 lbs
Hill-grade 27-degrees
Price $4,499

Scotsman has launched this high-tech e-scooter without compromising even a bit on its jaw-dropping features. Its extraordinary features like premium build quality, advanced battery quality, anti-theft, GPS, dashcam, and speed modes will blow your mind. It is the world’s first custom 3-D printed carbon fiber scooter.

With its 2000W motor and pair of 550Wh batteries, it boasts an exceptional range of 70 miles. Bluetooth cellular connection, digital locking/unlocking, and removable battery feature establish this model in the elite e-scooter range.

An in-built dashcam lets you record your trip experience. It can maximize the safety aspect as well. Also, an LCD screen attached to the handlebar gives you access to data such as speed, traveled distance, and battery level. The dual battery, fast speed, and innovative folding system are additional attractive features. Sound design, 10-inch pneumatic tires, and different color finishes add to its spellbound charm.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Dual motors and dual removable batteries A bit bulky
Always-on GPS and Bluetooth
Digital lock/unlock system
Exceptional speed of 45 MPH and range of 70 miles.
Dashcam, LCD, carbon fiber handlebars
Fully-fledged metallic design
Dual regenerative brakes

Inokim Quick4

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Best suspension system

Image Credits: inokim

What We Like

Park mode function, dual damper suspension


Top speed 25 MPH
Range 25 miles
Weight 47 lbs
Load capacity 220 lbs
Motor 600W 
Battery 52V 
Charge time 7 hours
Climbing range 15 degrees
Price  $1,499.00

A perfect balance of an exquisite range of 40 miles, top speed of 25 MPH, and 600W motor make it a decent choice. Dual damper suspension, Bright front, and rear LEDs light, and three convenient speed settings are a perfect combination of features.

On the back of portability features, park function, sleek design, and durable build, Quick4 is a real take home. In addition, when the scooter is powered on or idle for 30 seconds or more, it will trigger Park mode. Further, it will disable the throttle as well.

Moreover, Quick4 adopts a zero-start mechanism to avoid accidentally starting the scooter by bumping into the throttle lever. Lastly, the suspension is capable enough to absorb rough bumps. Thumb throttle, trip meter, odometer, bell, USB charger, and safety lock on the folding mechanism are essential add-ons. It’s a good choice electric scooter under the $1500 price tag.

Most notably, Inokim Quick4 comes with a seated version also. Inokim Quick4 + seat is also a cut above bargain e-scooter. Inokim Light 2 + Seat is another exemplary seated e-scooter.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Decent range of 40 miles Undersized deck 39.4 cm long by 21.6 cm wide with 11 cm of ground clearance
Three-speed settings
Sleek design
Easy maintenance and quick folding
Dual swingarm suspension and pneumatic tires
Non-tubular stem to counteract wobbliness
Grab handle for easy lift


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Affordable and lightweight

Image Credits: niu

What We Like

Dual disc brake plus motor brakes


Top speed 20 MPH
Range 31 miles
Battery 48V 
Max load 220 lbs
Weight 44 lbs
Suspension None
Price $699  

NIU KQI3 Pro is a standout e-scooter whose range and speed match some elite brands. Also, It can yield a top speed of 20 MPH and a range of 31 miles. In addition, a spacious deck, dual disc brakes plus motor brakes, and stable geometry are crucial features. It can withstand a maximum weight of 220 lbs despite weighing 41 lbs.

Sturdy aluminum frame, 9-inch pneumatic tires, digital locking, and regenerative braking make this model a standout. In addition, it introduces physical braking also for safety reasons. Finally, it’s a reasonably priced all-terrain e-scooter. You can take it for a spin for a dynamic ride.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Smooth ride It doesn’t include an adjustable handlebar.
It handles hilly terrains perfectly No suspension
A decent range of 31 miles and a max speed of 20 MPH
Beefy build

Step-by-step Buying Guide for Best Electric Scooters


Image Credits: pexels

We have considered a cluster of factors, including weight, range, speed, durability, weight load, etc., before listing the top 10 e-scooters. However, in this guide, we will brief you about everything you need to consider before purchasing an e-scooter.

Budget – If you are tight on budget, you can consider a range of $400 to $700 e-scooters. There are many great options available in this price chunk. The best electric scooters below the range of $400 are primarily middle-of-the-road. You can pick as per your riding preference. If you live in hilly or muddy areas, you should focus on low-maintenance, sturdy build, and robust motor quality. You can opt for waterproof models as well. If you are not a daily commuter or speed junkie, you can look for some budget-friendly e-scooters.

Size – Size is a deciding factor. Always consider the lightweight e-scooters. Check if your e-scooter is portable and it holds folding features. However, top-performing e-scooters include a massive battery and motor. It culminates in increasing the weight of the vehicle. Thus lightweight and top performance most often do not go hand-in-hand.

Suspension – Suspension is an integral component of any best electric scooters as it eats up bumps and potholes and offers a comfortable ride. A spring and piston combination is the top-quality suspension system. It is called coil-over-hydraulic or coil-over-air suspension also. However, e-scooters employ spring, hydraulic or air piston, or rubber suspension.

Motor – Motor is a vital component of an e-scooter. Most budget-friendly e-scooters use a 250W motor. However, we recommend the minimum motor power of 350W. A 250W motor may struggle while climbing steep hills.

Weight load and range – A minimum weight load of 220 pounds is enough for most people. A range of 15-20 miles should be perfect for daily commuters.

Brakes – The braking system is an inherent part of e-scooters. There are different types of braking systems. They include regenerative, electrical, and mechanical braking.

Regenerative braking acts as an energy recovery feature. This system converts the kinetic energy of the moving e-scooter into electrical energy. Further, the electrical energy gets stored in the battery. Consequently, the battery gets recharged further extending the scooter’s range by 5 to 10% at best.

The mechanical brake system includes foot, disc, and drum brake. However, disc brakes allow the best braking distance, followed by drum brakes. This system produces a typical braking distance of 20 feet at 15 MPH. However, regenerative or electric braking allows a stopping distance of more than 30 feet. Therefore, it needs quick braking to avoid any injury.

Additional features – E-scooters need some extra features to add convenience. These features include a mobile app, locking system, safety gear, carry handle, anti-puncture tires portability, spacious deck, tires, etc.

My Thoughts

In this article, we have listed the 10 best electric scooters based on their features and performance. Before buying an e-scooter, look for the aspects mentioned above. I hope we have covered all parameters to ease your buying decision. If we missed any important features, feel free to post in the comments. And finally, good luck with your e-scooter.