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Businesses Here Aren’t Ready For Internet Explorer Shut Down

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Businesses Here Aren’t Ready For Internet Explorer Shut Down-GadgetAny
Internet Explorer Shut Down

Microsoft had been planning to take down Internet Explorer for months. However, businesses in Japan did not take notice of that. In fact, almost half of them are still using the browser even after Microsoft ended support for it this week. Additionally, many Japanese businesses are taking time to switch to other browsers. And when they do, it will create significant chaos in the industry for months after that.

Furthermore, IT provider Keyman’s Net surveyed Japanese companies at the beginning of 2022. In the survey, they found that many businesses in Japan forcibly used Internet Explorer due to their clients using the system to handle orders. In addition, they used IE to manage official things like employee attendance and expenses. Unfortunately, almost a fifth of these businesses has no idea how to shift from IE to alternate browsers. That is, they don’t have a clear plan to move their businesses to browsers like Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome. 

Internet Explorer Shut Down

Moreover, this problem is not limited to only businesses or companies in Japan. According to the survey reports, government agencies face similar issues and are especially slow to shift from Internet Explorer. For instance, citizens can only view notices from Japan Pension Service online applications in the IE mode on Edge. Fortunately, Microsoft will support the mode at least through 2029. Hence, modern browsers that do not support certain websites will still be accessible for at least seven more years. 

Bottom line

Lastly, whatever the case is, Microsoft ending support for Internet Explorer after more than two decades should be taken seriously by these businesses. Thus, it is high time all these businesses/companies or agencies in Japan get their act together. They must shift to other browsers like Edge, Chrome, Firefox, etc. And finally, these businesses need to do so to offer support for their services on other browsers to their customers. 

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