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Can I Use Emoji Reactions In Google Docs? – Know Here

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Can I Use Emoji Reactions In Google Docs? – Know Here-GadgetAny
google docs to offer emojis also

Google Docs already lets users leave comments or suggest corrections while editing someone’s document. However, it is a formal approach for a person to express their opinions. Therefore, Google Docs will soon allow users to leave emoji reactions in a document as an alternative.  

Last week, Google released a similar feature for Google Meet, allowing users to drop an emoji during a meeting. The company first announced to bring emoji reactions in Google Docs back in 2021 at Google I/O. Google said then that the feature would launch later in 2021. However, the company did not act upon it back then. 

google docs

How will it work

A third option will now appear in the middle of the feedback pill after a user highlights the text. The “Add Reaction” option will feature all the usual web emojis set offered by Google. Hence, enabling users to drop emoji reactions in Google Docs. In addition, there will be a search field at the top, a category carousel, and a character grid.

To be specific, it includes

  • Updated emoji set version (Emoji 14.0) with the latest emojis and options accurately reflecting a user’s identity.
  • Gender-neutral options for gender-modifiable emojis.
  • Emoji skin tone and gender preferences will get saved per individual emoji.

Moreover, each emoji reaction will appear on the right side of a document with an active counter. Most importantly, the emoji preferences of a user will be in sync with Google Chat. Hence, choices set in one app will reflect in the other.

Emoji reactions in Google Docs will roll out in the coming weeks. However, it will only be available in Google Workspace Essentials, Business Starter, Business Standard, Business Plus, Enterprise Standard, and Enterprise Plus. Lastly, the new feature will surely make giving and receiving feedback on Google Docs much more fun.

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