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Cool Electronic Gadgets for Men

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At the edge of science and technology, what men love most are electronic cool gadgets for men. Every one of us is surrounded with Smartphone, laptops, music systems, new high tech convincing modes. These gadgets have become our body parts. We can’t imagine living even a day without their usage.

Their need in our lives and men’s love and greediness for cutting edge technology and new features, encourage, are the reasons behind such rapid technology and also this is what makes brands to come up with a new product every other day.

If you are looking for new gadgets for men you are in the right place. This writes up covers top cool gadgets for men, based on their importance, new features, and technology these gadgets use.

The Virtual Reality (VR) Handsets

VR Handsets


Virtual Reality devices are one the marvel of the modern technology. These devices are used for simulation of organs, presentation of the content or environment and training with immersive feeling. Like the virtual reality handsets.

The Virtual Reality Handsets are the high demand gadgets these days. It is because the futuristic technology gives a real test in computer gaming and training. Its high demand encouraged many brands to fill up the market with a considerable number; however, the title of producing high quality, premium VR handsets goes few brands, including:

  •   Oculus Rift
  •   HTC Vive
  •   Razer OSVR
  •   Microsoft Hololens
  •   Etc.

The Hobby or Consumer Drones

The Hobby or Consumer Drones

These are the type of flying robots, used mainly as unmanned arrival vehicle UAVs. The military initially used these drones; however, advanced technology has made it a most demanded gadget. As uses of consumer drones extent from photography, sports or fun to products delivery.

Consumer Drones the super cool gadget for men are available in the market in large quantity. The best-selling brand’s hobby drones are:

  •    DJI Phantom 3
  •    Chrome Camera Drone
  •    3D Robotics Solo

The Hoverboards


Thanks to the technology for fuel-free transport. Among some, the high electrical vehicles like electric scooters Hoverboard is the coolest gadget. The hoverboard is a two-wheeled, motorized self-balancing scooter. Its wheels are connected with articulated pads where rider stands and controls the speed by leaning forward or backward.

This cool innovation is best personal convenience. The best electronic gadget for men is liked in each corner of the world. Some of the best Hoverboards trusted by the people are:

  • Halo Rover
  • Swagtron T1
  • Gotrax Hoverfly

The USB LED Clock Fan

USB LED Clock Fan

Marvel of the modern technology and fantastic gadget; that keeps your computer cool. The best electronic gadget for men is an easily adjustable fan which displays time on its blades with LED lights. It is a cool invention that gives your computer a new look.

The Music Pillow

Music pillow

Sleep while listening the music has proved to be very beneficial. It was the need of time to have something like a music pillow, which is now available everywhere and loved around the world.

The music Pillow, the new gadget for men, comes with built-in speakers, which can easily be connected with your phone or any musical device to entertain you with your favorite music and help you have a soothing sleep. It also has a Pillow Sleep sound system which consists of 18 relaxing tracks of 1-hour duration.
People with the sleeping problem can have nothing better than Music Pillow.

The Self Stirring Coffee Mug

self Stirring Coffee Mug

Need is the mother of inventions. Technology is being used to invent things for ease and comfort. Such accessories are being manufactured which work for men. One of the best electronic gadgets that both men and women need is The Self Stirring Coffee Mug.
Making use of the modern technology this gadget is made capable of stir coffee and tea for you. What you have to do is add all components and press the button on the handle. The cup itself will stir and soon will present you your hot coffee or tea.

The Laser Projection Virtual Keyboard

Laser Projection Virtual Keyboard

Stroking hard keys of conventional keyboards becomes a difficult job when it comes to writing a big file. To make it easy and enjoying virtual keyboards are designed using laser technology.

This electronic gadget is specially designed for writers and types. It can be connected to your laptop, Smartphone or iPad via Bluetooth.

After a successful connection, you will find a laser projection of the keyboard. On pressing any key, the device’s sensor senses your finger movement and prints the stroked key on the screen.

The Executive Office Solutions laptop stand

Executive Office Solutions laptop stand

Our most of the time is spent with laptops, however, holding our friend in laps is never easy when it comes to heat up. It becomes both uncomfortable and hard to work on.

Don’t worry! This is no more a problem after the invention of The Executive Office Solutions laptop stands made up of Aluminum.

The stand keeps your laptop cool with two vented fans and lets you adjust laptop on a comfortable position with adjustable legs.

Ring WI-Fi Enabled Video Doorbell

Ring WI-Fi Enabled Video Doorbell (1)

one would compromise on security! This Smartphone accessory is just excellent. It makes use of your home Wi-Fi and rings the bell on your phone to let you know who was there on the door. It also to cope with other situations like robbery this smart device also captures the footage of everyone approaching your door.
It is a must-have gadget especially for those who leave their home alone for the job.

The Philips Norelco Trimmer

Philips Norelco Trimmer

Having a beard is lucky according to those who can’t grow, however maintaining a beard is not easy especially when it comes to shaving.

A comfortable shave without having a hairy mess in washbasin was a dream before the invention The Philips Norelco Trimmer. The trimmer comes with a vacuum that does not let even a single cut hair to fall.

The Philips Norelco Trimmer gives the best trimming performance with 18 built-in length settings ranging from 1 millimeter to 10 millimeters. It is a must-have gadget for men having a beard.


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