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Cool Gadgets that make you keep cool

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Cool Gadgets that make you keep cool-GadgetAny

Everyone loves gadgets, and we always want gadgets that spice up our life. Most of the people still searching for the cool gadgets that are suitable for every occasion whether you are looking for some smart home products or unique gadgets that make your life more comfortable or even some handy outdoor gadgets to make your campaign memorable and more enjoyable, with all of the most awesome gadgets to buy from the market.
Here you will find a definitive collection of the latest technology, kitchen accessories, and cool gadgets to repair with. Visit Gadgetany for more gadgets.

Following are the list of cool gadgets:

LKKER Air Mouse:
LKKER Air Mouse, The Best Presentation Companion - GadgetAny

Introducing LKKER’s mouse new design, the next-generation foldable, wireless, and touch- wheel mouse besides actual feature functions, the folding makes the mouse enjoyable to hold and helps you to concentrate while thinking hard and reduce pressure. You can take it anywhere you go. With its folding feature, you can quickly turn it into a Bluetooth laser pointer plus, to play and pause a video clip when needed. You can do anything with its great and accurate 4D wheel control no matter it is to copy, paste, or adjust the position of your graphs or merely flipping through pages. Get this from Gadgetany.
• Foldable Mouse with Aerial Cursor Control
• Best Presentation Companion
• Substitute for TV Remote. Simple and Chic
• Light and Thin
• Unfold to Transform
• Magic Among Your Fingers
• Laser Pointer & Remote Control
• Good Companion in Presentation

GravaStar, cool speakers:

Are you fatigued of traditional boxy speakers, and looking for a cool one? Play your favorite melody with GravaStar Bluetooth speaker. It is alien-design turns your room into a scene of your favorite sci-fi movie. GravaStar is the ultimate Sound Bluetooth 5.0 Speaker, and If you think you see a spider-like cyborg that could have come from a Sci-fi movie from beyond space, you are not going crazy. However, what is Crazy is the Cool and ultimate sounding Bluetooth 5.0 Speaker created by ZOEAO, This speaker is called GravaStar, and it has some beautiful speakers.
• Bluetooth 5.0, enhanced audio experience
• 30h Playtime, great for outdoor
• Powerful sound anywhere anytime
• Stereo pairing
• Deep bass

Casper Glow: A magical light

Casper Glow: A magical light For Better Sleep. Designed to assist you to visit sleep, this smart light helps your body naturally wind down at the end of the day. When it’s time to rest, Glow emits a gentle and heat light to signal to your body to induce prepared. Additionally, it step by step dims once you are in bed; therefore, you can drift off slowly yet peacefully. Then, when it is time to get up, Glow uses soft light to fill your area, so you begin your day feeling refreshed. Inside Glow is a built-in gyroscope. Therefore, you can merely spin the view to change the brightness. Plus, there’s a close sensor. Consequently, it’ll activate if you choose it up. This is excellent for late-night visits to the bathroom. Pairing with an app, Glow helps you schedule a more relaxing get up every morning.

Sound Heroes: Bluetooth Speaker of the Future

This humanoid figure is called Sound hero, a futuristic Bluetooth speaker. It not only can treat your eardrums to top-quality sound but is also packed with lots of cool features. First of all, this Bluetooth speaker is a looker. The polygonal design looks almost alien as if this guy has just stepped out of pages of a beloved comic book. This Bluetooth speaker has a built-in smoke machine. No need to tell you how awesome that is. If you have a flair for dramatics and epic visuals, imagine this guy with its LED lighting, smoke, and badass music, and you will get shivers running down your spine.

• Wireless charging
• Ambient light
• HD sound

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