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It’s only been a few hours, and Twitter seems to be on a roll. Consequently, another change came a handful of hours after the platform announced that it was working on an “Edit” button. The latest change concerns the embedded deleted tweets. Even though the change is small, it has generated huge waves among Twitter users. 

Moreover, the change is about how the twitter deleted tweets appear when embedded in third-party websites. Since last month, Twitter began showing a blank box on external sites when an embedded tweet got deleted. 

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At first, the platform preserved the original unformatted tweets. But with the new change to the deleted-yet-embedded posts, a considerable gap remains instead. Kevin Marks, a Twitter user, noted that the platform uses its embedded Javascript to blank out the tweets. Hence, according to him, disabling Javascript in the browser can enable users to view the original text. 

Eleanor Harding, Twitter’s senior product manager, replied to Kevin in a tweet that the sudden change “better respects people’s decision to delete their tweets.” However, it also affects the deleted tweets of suspended Twitter accounts. As a result, although those tweets do not disappear “forever,” it will now be more challenging to view them. 

Furthermore, the company announced the new change before updating its support documents regarding the embedding twitter deleted tweets. 

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