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Amazon rumored to be working on an AR product

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Amazon rumored to be working on an AR product-GadgetAny
Amazon working on AR product

In the past few years, many big companies like Apple, Meta, Snapchat, and more have developed devices based on AR technology. Hence, recent job listings by Amazon hinting at an AR product in the works do not seem surprising. Additionally, the job listings reveal the company is looking to hire people for a “new-to-world smart-home product” with “XR” technology. 

However, no precise details are included in the job listings reported on by Protocol. For example, one listing by Amazon is for a software engineer to develop XR/AR product or device. Additionally, the job will include “conceiving and developing key software and architecture for a new-to-world smart-home product.” Plus, the listing states that the role is on a “new cross-functional team.” Another listing is for a senior technical program manager (New Products – XR). The job describes how “you will develop an advanced XR research concept into a magical and useful new-to-world consumer product.” In addition, the above post and another one require the following qualifications – “experience building deeply technical products, e.g., AI/ML, robotics, games.” 

Amazon working on AR product

What did Amazon say about the rumors?

Furthermore, Amazon has not yet commented on the speculations made by the public concerning a possibly upcoming AR product. In any case, the company would gain immense profit in AR because of its various smart-home gadgets. Imagine an Amazon AR/XR gadget connecting with Alexa-enabled devices and improving a user’s standard of living. Additionally, even before, Amazon has successfully or otherwise invented odd gadgets. For example, the Fire Phone changed what users saw on the screen based on their perspective. However, although the idea of the device was very innovative, it wasn’t a commercial success. And, let’s not forget Amazon Echo smart speaker, an ordinary device now, was a strange invention not long ago. In addition, the company recently launched Astro, a home robot. So, it’s safe to say if Amazon introduces an AR gadget shortly, it will be pretty interesting. 

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