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Apple Watch Series 8 is back on sale for Just $329

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Apple Watch Series 8 is back on sale for Just $329-GadgetAny
Apple Watch 8 Series 

It’s fortunate that the 41mm model is back in stock. The Midnight and Product Red hues are now $329 on Amazon after an 18% discount.

The Series 8 usually starts at $399, so this price reduction of $70 represents the biggest on watch deal since the smartwatch went on sale at the beginning of February. Unfortunately, the Silver and Starlight hues are not featured in the offer, and Amazon only has 41mm model stock available.

The Series 8 is one of the greatest smartwatches available right now, despite being only a slight improvement over its predecessor. It has a sizable always-on display and is quick. It also integrates with Apple’s larger ecosystem and offers strong app support. An accident detection capability that can notify first responders in an emergency is new to the Series 8. It has a temperature sensor as well, which can help with ovulation tracking.


Nevertheless, not everyone will enjoy the Series 8. Because the wearable requires an iPhone in order to function, Android users cannot use it. It’s also important to note that the second-generation SE costs less while still providing many of the same essential features as the Series 8.

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