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Are You Aware of the Confidential Message Feature on Gmail

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Are You Aware of the Confidential Message Feature on Gmail-GadgetAny

Google introduced the confidential mode in 2018, which allows people to send messages that expire, and the receivers are unable to copy the message, can not forward the message to others, and downloading is also not allowed.

Google uses TLS encryption to keep confidential messages safe, keeping hackers away while the sender and receiver are conversing. Still, this feature is only available for educational institutes and businesses.

So how do we keep our conversation safe?

The confidential mode can be used on a desktop or through the Gmail app on the phone. You will first have to activate the hidden mode every time you message. Below is a step-by-step explanation to set up the confidential way. Google mailers can set an expiration date and can even access any time.

If you are looking to set up a confidential mode and need some help, below is an easy guide to set up the way.

  • Open the Gmail app on the phone or browser on the laptop.

  • Tap the Compose button

  • At the bottom on the right is the option to turn on “Confidential Mode.”

  • Tap the Confidential mode button

  • Set the expiration date, code, and any other controls you want, and then click Done

  • A “sent” message pops up in confidential mode at the bottom of the screen

The process is almost the same for browsers or apps; the only difference may be the location of items. IOS and android also have the same operation to set up the mode.

However, technology comes with loopholes; the mail recipient can take a screenshot or attachments of the email.

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