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How to Avoid Ruining Smartphone’s battery? See Tricks

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How to Avoid Ruining Smartphone’s battery? See Tricks-GadgetAny
How to Avoid Ruining Smartphone's battery

A smartphone’s battery has a life expectancy of probably four to five years. Plus, these batteries worsen over time, and it’s not avoidable. But, there are ways to slow down the process of these batteries from getting ruined. Unfortunately, some things speed up that process, sometimes wholly destroying your smartphone’s battery. However, if you are aware of them, surely you can avoid them to save your smartphone’s battery. Here are some ways users inadvertently ruin their smartphone’s battery.

Use of bad quality or damaged cables

It is essential to avoid using a cheap or incompatible cable with your phones. The reason is that it can spontaneously cause a fire. Thus, it is best to use the charging accessories from the phone’s manufacturer or trusted brands. For instance, iPhone owners can buy cables with “Made for iPhone” stickers. In addition, avoid purchasing super low-cost accessories that do not have many reviews. Lastly, the above warnings apply to wireless chargers too. 

Improper charging cycle

Charging cycles impact the lifespan of a smartphone’s battery. Additionally, the constant cycle of charging and discharging degrades a battery. And the process speeds up when the phone frequently starts the charging cycle from 0% battery. Therefore, keeping your phone’s battery between 20-80% charged is advisable. Most importantly, some phones offer features to help users with this, such as the battery saving mode. Besides, shorter charging cycles are better for a battery. 



Keeping a phone plugged into a socket even after the battery charges 100% is also wrong. Furthermore, charging your phone all night is not harmful if you do not overcharge the battery. Fortunately, the battery automatically stops charging after it reaches 100%. But, the moment it drops to 99%, it again charges to 100%. Unfortunately, this repetitive cycle is bad for your smartphone’s battery. 

iPhone and Android phones offer “Adaptive” or “Optimized” charging features to reduce these charging cycles overnight. Hence, your battery remains at 80% almost all night and finishes charging the last 20% around your usual wake-up time. 

Exposure to extreme heat

Electronics, especially batteries, do not react well to extreme heat. Thus, exposure to excessive heat can reduce the lifespan of your smartphone’s battery. In addition, keeping the phone plugged into a socket can generate such extreme heat. Other heat sources include playing games requiring many resources, leaving your phone in a hot car, etc. Unfortunately, all these things overheat a phone’s battery, resulting in its damage. 


Since most of the points mentioned above are common, there is no need to worry about accidentally ruining your smartphone’s battery. Just avoid using cheap cables, overcharging, or exhausting your phone and keep it at a reasonable temperature, and you are good. 

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