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Burner browser vs. Default browser – which is better?

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Burner browser vs. Default browser – which is better?-GadgetAny
Burner browser vs. Default browser

A default browser is the one that automatically opens when a user opens a web page or a web link. Additionally, default browsers save most of our search results as they are connected to an account. As a result, it is pretty embarrassing to see one’s history filled with all the stupid stuff they search about. For instance, things like “Harry Potter’s birthday,” “Stranger Things characters’ real names,” etc. These kinds of things are only momentarily useful to satisfy a curiosity. Hence, a burner browser is a perfect solution to ease such embarrassments. Fortunately, a burner browser does not save history and is not connected to any account. 

Burner vs. default browsers 

Users can use a dual-browser set up on their devices to get the perks of both default and burner browsers. So, to search for any random product, trivia, or health-related stuff, they can use a burner browser. And for work stuff where history, saved logins, and other tracking features are essential, they can use their default browser. 

Default browsers

However, a burner browser does not completely stop companies from tracking the trivial things users search about on their phones. The reason is that phones give away info like IP addresses. But, using a burner browser does make it difficult for companies to track data. Firefox Focus app is one of the examples of such a privacy-preserving, history-destroying search engine. It requires minimum setup and blocks ads and trackers by default. In addition, it does not support tabs and allows users to delete browsing history with a single tap. 

Moreover, users can also change their default search engine from Google from Settings > Search Engine. After that, select any search engine like DuckDuckGo, Firefox Focus, or any other burner browser. Additionally, Tor Browser is another example of such a search engine for a desktop. Besides, users can also set up another browser like Firefox, Edge, or Safari for more privacy-focused search engines. Plus, users can set these browsers to avoid saving history, cookies, etc., by using their private browsing mode. However, they do not block trackers or open a private window by default. For instance, Google Chrome in Incognito mode still sends specific data to the company. Plus, many people like to preserve their browsing history and stay logged in to some websites. 


What’s more

Google also introduced a way to request the removal of search results that include personal information about a user. Although the process is complex, once Google approves the request and removes the results, it doesn’t delete the source of information. Additionally, the company announced new privacy and security features for its Android 13 devices at the recent I/O conference. 

The bottom line

Hence, users can always use a burner browser for stupid, nonsensical, sensitive searches. But, for work-related stuff or for things that users need in their browning history, a default browser is the best choice. 

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