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GMC Hummer Electric Vehicle sells for $250,000

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GMC Hummer Electric Vehicle sells for $250,000-GadgetAny
GMC Hummer EV sells $250,000

Recently, the electric truck and car prices have been steadily increasing. The primary cause of that is probably the rising supply chain issues in the automobile industry. People are already facing difficulties finding used and new cars at fair prices. However, the current supply chain scenario mainly affects the manufacturing and sale of modern EVs. Additionally, it has led to many constrictions in manufacturing many tracks and cars. As a result, carmakers cannot meet the demands for these vehicles, especially EVs. Consequently, many such high-demand EVs sell at a ridiculous amount in auctions. One such example is the auction of GMC Hummer EV in Texas. 

In the truck-loving US state, an EV dealership auctioned at least two immediately available 2022 GMC Hummer EV pickups. The original price of the 2022 Hummer EV was already quite pricey at $112,595. But, astonishingly, one of the trucks with 85 miles on its odometer sold for $255,000, which is twice its original price tag. Additionally, speculations are that the owner probably bought the low mileage EV to flip it and gain a hefty profit immediately. 

GMC Hummer EV sells $250,000

However, some sources state that the limited production of the Hummer EV might also be why it was auctioned at such a staggering price. But, the pickup truck only possesses minimal additional design elements like interior badges. However, it separates the HUmmer EV from regular maxed-out versions of the electric truck, which are not orderable yet. 

Furthermore, such high bidding wars are not that common for EVs. But, the outcome of this auction proves that buyers in the US are willing to pay sky-high prices for immediately available electric trucks. Unfortunately, due to the current scenario of high demands, such outrageous prices for EVs will be standard for some time. 

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