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Always-On Display in iPhone 14, What’s Your Take on It?

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Always-On Display in iPhone 14, What’s Your Take on It?-GadgetAny
Always-On Display in iPhone 14

Apple is planning to change a lot in the iPhone 14 from its predecessor iPhone 13. Many users are expecting to see the iPhone 14 with an always-on display. Additionally, many Android manufacturers offer this feature. However, Apple only supports it in the latest Apple Watches. So, if the company intends to add an always-on display feature to its upcoming smartphone, it needs to take some cues from its rival Android.  

The always-on display feature

An always-on display or an AOD shows essential details on a phone’s display when it’s not in use. For example, it includes time, battery percentage, and any new notifications that users need to see. If they work well, it is a handy feature. However, if they don’t work, they can become very annoying to use. So far, there isn’t a phone with a faultless always-on display feature. But they are pretty okay to use.

Always-On Display in iPhone 14

For instance, if users tap on the notification icon on the Google Pixel phones, the feature offers extra information. Thus, users can know if the notification they received is an urgent one or not. In addition, some AODs have great customization options like those on the Oppo Find X5 Pro and the OnePlus 10 Pro. For example, users can create line drawings based on portrait pictures and use them as their always-on display. Additionally, most smartphones allow users to put their images or those from a pre-designated list to create unique AODs. However, there are also several issues faced by an always-on display. 

For one, it increases the drainage of batteries on certain phones significantly. Also, sometimes the feature fails to load on a lot of devices. Hence, there hasn’t been a single AOD feature that is flawless. In addition, there isn’t a good fusion of functionality ad aesthetics in them. Therefore, if Apple can achieve a perfect always-on display feature on the iPhone 14, the device will top the ranks. 

AOD on the iPhone 14

Apple has majorly focused on improving its software functionality in the last few years, like introducing widgets in iOS 14. And additionally, the company has even focused on all its products’ designs. For example, it released an enhanced interface for iPadOS and introduced a system-wide dark mode to all its devices. Hence, if Apple could work on both these points, functionality and aesthetics, it could develop an outstanding AOD feature. However, it is unclear if Apple will introduce AOD to the iPhone 14. And surprisingly, the Cupertino tech giant hasn’t yet conquered Android in that area. So, it’s high time Apple does something about it and develops a perfect always-on display feature for smartphones. 

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