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Mowerino – a DIY robotic lawnmower

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Mowerino – a DIY robotic lawnmower-GadgetAny
Mowerino – a DIY robotic lawnmower

Salmec, an electronic engineer, designed a unique DIY robotic lawnmower, dubbed Mowerino. Additionally, the mower is autonomous and runs on Arduino Mega 2560 board with 3D printed housing and wheels. Furthermore, the device comes equipped with outstanding features like an anti-tipping sensor and ultrasonic obstacle detection. 

Moreover, the auto mode on the Mowerino enables it to move forward. But the device changes directions when it encounters an obstacle detected via ultrasonic sensors and limit switches. In addition, Mowerino also consists of an inclinometer and a voltmeter. The inclinometer works as an anti-tipping sensor and the voltmeter measures the battery life. Plus, the autonomous robotic lawn mower also contains a LED display screen. 

Mowerino – a DIY robotic lawnmower

Furthermore, the Mowerino also has a manual mode apart from an auto mode. Thus, users can operate the device through a Bluetooth connection to a smartphone and a linked Bluetooth RC controller app. Additionally, the app can also help manipulate and adjust the settings of the Mowerino, like cutting height, etc. Besides that, the blades on the gadget are protected by bulkheads. Plus, an emergency push button on the DIY robotic lawnmower immediately shuts down the device. 

Additionally, there are buttons on the back of Mowerino to turn it on and off, control the blade speed and switch in-between modes. Plus, the creator of the unique device recently installed an internal USB cable on the edge of Mowerino for an easier connection. Lastly, Hackster has the complete instructions and parts list for the DIY robot lawnmower with 3D print models. 

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