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Tesla Model Y Made in Germany Supposedly Uses BYD Batteries

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Tesla Model Y Made in Germany Supposedly Uses BYD Batteries-GadgetAny

Tesla Model Y with BYD batteries coming soon to Europe according to report  (Image credit- NotebookCheck)

According to reports, this battery is the BYD Blade. Since BYD makes batteries, owns lithium mines, and produces EVs, it is seen as a vertically integrated business.

In addition, it creates software and ADAS for its electric vehicles. Simply put, this demonstrates that BYD manages the full EV supply chain. BYD now touts its game-changing technology as the Blade battery.

The entry-level Model Y RWD is anticipated to use the BYD Blade battery, according to the most recent report from Gizmo China. Tech enthusiasts claimed that Tesla’s decision to use BYD Blade batteries in its Model Y vehicles is a big step. They noted that this was the first time a Chinese-made battery had been used by a large EV producer.

Of course, the decision made by Tesla will also benefit BYD. The second-largest battery manufacturer is already a Chinese company.

Germany-Made Tesla Model Y Allegedly Uses BYD Batteries! Is This a Bad  Thing? | Tech Times
Image credit- Tech Times

Its most recent partnership with Tesla will enable it to strengthen its footprint and position in the expanding EV sector. The BYD Blade battery is a cutting-edge electric vehicle battery that offers many benefits over conventional lithium-ion batteries.

According to BYD via its official website, “Our latest game-changing Blade Battery has passed a series of extreme tests in rigorous conditions, making it one of the world’s safest batteries.”

Due to its use of lithium iron phosphate (LFP) chemistry, it was able to do this. With its most recent collaboration with Tesla, BYD may inspire other EV manufacturers to think about incorporating its Blade battery technology into other EV models.

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In other news, the Transnet BW and Tesla Powerwall Pilot project was a success. Additionally, we reported on the anticipated Chinese-built LFP pack for the redesigned Tesla Model 3 Long Range.


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