5+ Best Outdoor Motorcycle Storage Sheds [for 2020]

Owners of these classic and stunning vehicles can understand the value of their Motorcycle.

When you have a motorcycle you need to take good care of it. You need to keep it clean and well maintained. Outside environment can damage your motorcycle like rusty rims, colour fade, heating and dizzy lights and of course thieves. You need to protect your motorcycle from the outdoor environment like a kid. A Motorcycle condition can tell by how well maintained and well stored it is.

In this article, we are going to talk about Outdoor Motorcycle storage. There are plenty of options available in the market. Every option in every aspect. Here we have researched and selected the best Outdoor Motorcycle Storage shed option of 2020 and will review them.

First, let’s talk about why you need Motorcycle shed and what are the benefits of having good Motorcycle storage shed. The main reason to have a Motorcycle shed is to protect your motorcycle from thieves and a harsh environment.

Some People use bike covers to protect their Motorcycles but a simple cover can not do any good against thieves or parking accidents. A locking shed does not save your motorcycle from thieves or any damage, it also saves your precious motorcycle from rapid changes in environmental condition.

Having a locking shed means you can protect it from any damage by people or the environment. By doing vast research and talking to the multiple users we have shortlisted the best 7 motorcycles shed you can choose from.

Best Outdoor Motorcycle Storage Sheds

 1. Our personally best Lifetime 60001.


is very promising and good quality the provide maximum security to your bike however the Lifetime 60001 is very high in cost. If you can afford or have a high-end motorcycle you should go for it without any second thought.

5 best outdoor Motorcycle storage shed of 2020

Lifetime 60001 is 71.25 square ft. (494.5 cubic ft.) – The Lifetime 10 ft. x 8 ft. Shed features: (2) large skylights, (4) small skylights, (1) rear shatter-proof polycarbonate window, (2) side windows, (2) screened vents, (2) peg strips, (1) 90 in. x 9 in. shelf, (4) corner shelves, (2) sets of double doors, and a 10-year limited warranty. Floor and installation hardware included. Comes in (2) boxes.

It has Sturdy Steel-Reinforced Construction and is very attractive in design. This outdoor shed is UV protected to prevent Weather damage.  The Dual-Wall High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Construction make it very strong and roofs are High-Pitched

Review and installation:-

Here are the quick pros and cons of Lifetime 60001.

Pros:- Durable and attractive

Low Maintenance Design

Lockable Steel-Reinforced Doors for Added Security

Slip-Resistant High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Floor Protects Against Oil, Solvents, and Stains

Cons.:- High price

Takes a lot of efforts and confusing installation process

2. Keter Factor 8×11 – The Best Solid Resin Motorcycle Storage Shed

With the storage capacity of 550 cu ft. Keter Factor 8*11 rank 2nd in our list of best outdoor Motorcycle storage shed of 2020. With Ideal Size and Made from polypropylene resin plastic & steel reinforced it guarantees you durability and is almost maintenance-free. There are multiple reasons that it ranks on 2nd position Like Weather-resistant, waterproof and UV protected. It will not peel, rot or rust.

5 best outdoor Motorcycle storage shed of 2020

With these  external dimensions : 101 in. W x 130. 5 in. Dx 95. 5 in. H / Internal: 93. 11 in. W x 122. 64 in. Dx 93. 9 in. H works very well with all the bikes.

The wood-like texture in neutral colours to complement any home and make it attractive. Keter factor 8*11 is a key light to let in natural light & vented for air circulation. It has a single window which cannot be opened. It has Zero maintenance once assembled.

Review and installation :-

Pros and cons

Pros: Generous extra large-capacity outdoor storage
– Sturdy and durable resin construction with steel-reinforcement
– Storage shed includes floor panel, stylish window and skylight

– Hard  and confusing installation
– High price.

3. Mophorn Motorcycle Tent 600D outdoor Motorcycle Shed

This is a premium and UV protected Motorcycle shed which can be used outdoors. Mophorn is waterproof and Upgraded black powder-coated steel frame and 600D oxford waterproof fabric and sewing process with PU adhesive stickers. It can bear 1200mm H2O/m pressure. Resistant to water, dust, snow, wind and harmful sunlight.

5 best outdoor Motorcycle storage shed of 2020

Mohphron has  Mesh ventilation windows on two sides with roll up tie flaps designed for keeping air flowing, so as to keep the inside from moisture and over-heat. Your motorbike will be clean and safe. This is easy to assemble with no tools required. You got a carry bag along with it so when not in use you can pack and store it away.

Also, you can permanently fix it in concrete with its inbuilt extended blot structure. It is purely designed for outdoor use for motorcycles.

Review and assembly  :-

PROS and Cons

– Good looking
– Complete protection
– Less price
– Good Quality
– Easy to setup

– Doesn’t suit for long term storage.
–  Small in size

4. The Bike Shield TBS0001 Motorcycle shed

TBS0001 is best in outdoor tents of motorcycles. TBS0001 is 00% waterproof, very heavy polyurethane coating on inside the entire 2000mm H2O/m, the highest water repellency process on the outside and protects from harmful UV light for, For dehumidification of inside of the bike shield, ventilation windows are equipped in TBS001. This is very convenient, No contact to exhaust pipe and cover, just park and cover, all in just 3 seconds.

5 best outdoor Motorcycle storage shed of 2020

TBS001 comes with a 1-year warranty. 16 square pipes, cross plate and locking system are all galvanized, keeping the motorcycle safe and secure.




Pros and Cons

– Better protection
– Stronghold
– UV protection
– Padlock to the frames for security

– The little gap from the ground
– Large structure hassle assembly


5.   ShelterLogic- Portable outdoor motorcycle Shed

Shelterlogic is a less outdoor Motorcycle storage shed and more of a tent. But it is a perfect fit for your bike. Shelterlogic is Durable Frame: Made from an all-steel metal 6 x 6 x 6-foot frame that is 1-3/8 inches thick. It is durable because Bonded with a premium powder-coated finish that prevents chipping, peeling, rust, and corrosion. It’s Grey is durable and made from an advanced triple-layer ripstop that is waterproof and UV-treated to resist fading

5 best outdoor Motorcycle storage shed of 2020

It has Patented ShelterLock stabilizers ensure rock-solid stability that delivers a stable, more durable shelter. You can choose it from various sizes as it comes in different sizes according to your use.


Pros and cons.

– Beautiful look
– Multiple sizes
– UV protective
– Waterproof

– Need Digging
– Require Civil work

Things to consider before buy Motorcycle storage shed

Here are some things you may have to consider before Buying the motorcycle storage shed. However, we thoroughly researched and reviewed the above product and tried to give you the best options. You need to check the type of your use. Whether you want a portable Motorcycle Storage shed or Fix Motorcycle storage shed. Still, you may have considered the following points.

1. Size:- There are various type and size of the bikes you may have INDIAN bike that is large and need more space to store

2. Weather condition:- You need to check the place you live what kind of weather condition you regularly have because if you are in snow area you need a fixed solution rather than portable.

3. Temperature:- you need to look if you are at the place where the temperature is too high according to the fact you need to make a choice. Because PVC shed would not work better if you have a high temperature in your surroundings.

4. Area:- You need to look at how much area you have before buying the Motorcycle shed.

Let us know how we did let us know in the comments if we have missed any of your best shed we definitely want to hear.

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