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Types of Smart Wearable Devices We Know So Far in 2023


The charm of Smart Wearable devices everyone must own is overwhelming across the globe. From smartwatches to rings, people are eagerly laying their hands on them. But of course, the smartwatch is the most popular wearable device due to its vast features.

These features include telling time, GPS tracking, translating foreign languages, fitness tracking, compass, altimeter, accelerometer, digital camera, indoor or outdoor barometer, and you name it.

Other smart wearables include smart jewelry, head-mounted display, fitness tracker, smart clothing, smart rings, etc. The enormous craze for smart wearables is rapidly hitting tech-savvy people. So, in this article, we will shed light on smart wearables.



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Smartwatch is a fantastic invention of the 20th century. It was invented by a Canadian engineer named Steve Mann. Furthermore, the smartwatch has ushered in an era of smart technology. In addition, this luxury device serves several purposes that’s why it is the most used smart wearables in today’s world.

Whether it is fitness tracking, playing games, taking photos, translating foreign languages, this wearable tech gadget is a one-in-all solution. Alternatively, you can say the smartwatch is a real jack-of-all-trades. Here is a list of comprehensive functionalities of smartwatches.

  • Tells time – There is no need to explain it, as telling time is an inherent property of a watch.
  • Tells time – Smartwatch smartly rises to the challenge of tracking fitness. It allows the user to keep track of steps to meet fitness goals. In addition, you can easily program your watch to keep close tabs on your workout progress. Smartwatches offer other features like calorie burn, heart rate, pulse rate, body temperature, the oxygen level in the blood, blood pressure, blood sugar, etc.
  • Play games – Touch screen smartwatch allows you to play games.
  • Media player – Smartwatch acts as a media player as it gives you access to music, photos, and videos.
  • Compass and GPS – Some advanced watches have a built-in compass feature. Moreover, it helps you in wild trekking and outdoor activities. Also, some top brands introduce GPS tracking features. You can track hikes, runs, pets’ and children’s activities as well.
  • Speaker and Camera – Some high-end brands roll out DJ on-the-move features with their built-in quality speakers. You can take photos also.
  • Phone – It is an unbelievable feature. It allows you to make phone calls.
  • Altimeter, Accelerometer, and Barometer – Smartwatch acts as an altimeter. It precisely measures your height while performing any mountainside activity or hiking. The accelerometer feature can track your speed when performing any physical activity. With the barometer feature, it can gauge indoor and outdoor air pressure.
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    Smart Jewelry


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    Today market is flooded with different sorts of smart jewelry. The wide range of smart jewelry includes smart rings, pendants, bracelets, bangles, and necklaces. In addition, some top-class jewelry has versatile and tempting features.

    You can automatically track calorie burn, distance traveled, active minutes, sleep duration, and sleep quality with these features. Moreover, you can tap into the mobile app feature to see extensive data. In addition, the app of this smart wearable device comprises guided meditation and silent alarm features for a gentle wake-up.

    Some smart features include stress resistance monitoring. It uses an algorithm based on your daily activities. You tend to increase your stress level when you skip your daily activities. Missing out on daily activities can be anything from meditation, workouts to sleepless nights. In addition, some smart jewelry like Bellabeat’s Leaf Urban necklace can improve your mindfulness and overall health.

    However, you can check the following features before buying smart jewelry:

  • Budget-friendly
  • Eco-friendly and recyclable product material
  • Non-corrosive material like stainless steel
  • Easy to sync app
  • Easily operable app
  • Comfortable in wearing
  • Attractive design
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    Smart Clothing


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    Smart clothing provides a more profound experience than other smart wearables. Samsung, a South Korean tech giant, has taken a massive stride in the smart clothing industry. It is set to design a smart shirt to detect breathing abnormalities of the wearer and predict potential signs of respiratory illness.

    Some top-of-the-line brands such as Tommy Hilfiger have initiated adding location-tracking functionality. In addition, consumers are showing interest in Siren Socks (smart socks that can diagnose developing foot ulcers) and Naviano smart swimsuits that provide alerts when the user should apply sunscreen.

    They are laying hands on Nadi X smart pants that vibrate to enhance form during yoga exercises.

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    Head-mounted Display


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    As the name suggests, the head-mounted display is a small but a bit bulky smart wearable. It comes equipped with a small display or projection technology embedded into eyeglasses or mounted on a hat or helmet.

    It can superimpose the image on a real-world view without blocking the user’s vision. This retinal display reflects off the painted image to the user’s retina. As a result, image (VR, Virtual Reality, or AR Augmented Reality) appears on a screen within the user’s ideal range of view.

    However, the screen in front of the user is not actual. Indeed, special optics (for example, modified eyeglasses) reflect the image to the eyes. In addition, some companies manufacture smart glasses that allow users to view the video output of devices like drones in real-time.

    AR HMD devices give users access to simultaneous interaction with digital information and real-life ambiance. Unlike earlier, VR devices have started featuring lightweight headsets and HMD designs. Some are available at a lower price point as well. This smart wearable tech gadget takes you into a completely virtual world.

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    Implantables, also referred to as embeddable, are a revolutionary innovation of the biotech industry. You can incorporate them directly into the human body to heal and enhance users’ health in a way that non-embeddable can’t do. Implanted GPS tracking has already been making waves in tracking pets. Some exclusive examples of implantables include coronary stents, cardiac pacemakers, implantable cardiac defibrillators (ICDs), hip implants, interocular lenses, and implantable insulin pumps. An implantable device like Circadia (like Fitbit) is under trial to collect biometric data and transmit it to a smartphone via Bluetooth. Also, it can display the info through the skin using LEDs.

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    Hearables are a type of wearable technology that are widely used and are similar to headphones as they allow the user to hear their surroundings. They have the ability to accept voice input and provide audio output directly to the ear, essentially functioning as a miniature computer in the ear.

    Earphones, earbuds, and headsets are the three categories of hearables, and they are sometimes confused with one another. Earphones, also known as in-ear headphones or in-ears, are placed in the ear canal and usually come with ear cushions of different sizes. Earbuds, however, are held outside the ear canal and allow ambient noise to be heard. They typically come in one size and are less expensive than earphones. Headsets are worn outside the ear and have speakers as well as a microphone for communication purposes.

    In addition, hearables are capable of monitoring biometric data such as heart rate and body temperature with a higher level of accuracy compared to wearables attached to the body.

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    Smart Glasses


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    Our next type of wearable technology is Smart Glasses, which are eyeglasses that have computer capabilities and can capture and transmit the wearer’s point of view to a cloud storage service. Additionally, some Smart Glasses, known as Augmented Reality (AR) glasses, enhance the user’s visual experience by overlaying digital information onto the real world.

    The market for AR glasses is expected to grow significantly, especially in the United States and the Asia Pacific region, specifically in Japan. In 2012, Google announced their AR glass, the Google Glass, which was the first of its kind. However, due to its high cost and the market being in its early stages, it did not become widely available.

    In 2013, the Hololens was introduced, setting the pace for mixed reality glasses. Later, in March 2016, the Meta 2, a full 90-degree AR glass, became available for pre-order. Additionally, Snapchat launched its trendy Spectacles, which were heavily promoted a few months later in November 2016.

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    Exoskeletons, which are also called exosuits, utilize a combination of electric motors, pneumatics, levers, hydraulics, and haptics to provide power.

    This results in improved strength and endurance of limbs during movement. Active and passive exoskeletons are the two primary types of exoskeletons.

    Actuators in active exoskeletons enhance the user’s movements and are becoming increasingly popular in medical, military, and civilian settings. Phoenix is an example of a robotic exoskeleton that can assist paralyzed patients in walking. The suit has small motors attached to ordinary orthotics, allowing the wearer to control the movement of each leg and walk.

    Exosuits can also make manual tasks easier for workers, and they are making dangerous occupations such as firefighting considerably safer. Passive exoskeletons, on the other hand, do not use actuators, batteries, or electronics and are primarily used for military purposes.

    For example, they can absorb shock and vibrations for military troops or immediately transfer some of the weight of a soldier’s knapsack to the ground.

    Fitness Trackers


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    Fitness trackers will make you go the extra mile. This is the another type of smart wearable that is very useful in our daily life. It will assist you in developing healthier habits by giving a pat on your back. It will encourage you to take some more steps. Additionally, it will provide you a fillip to use stairs rather than elevators and get a bit more sleep. Multiple high-end fitness bands will offer you optimal results.

    These bands can efficiently monitor your heart rates and your movements. It can also keep track of your calorie burns and step counts. Self-tracking allows you to adhere to a healthier diet, exercise more and sleep sound. In addition, smart headbands enable users to monitor sleep cycles brain waves.

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    Buying Guide For Choosing Best Smart Wearables

    Wearable tech is all set to become the next big thing in the personal electronics industry. However, smart wearables are going through constant advancements. Therefore, you need to consider the following things before buying them.

    Budget – Budget is a primary concern for most buyers. However, keeping budget-friendly options in mind, you should not compromise on quality factors.

    Energy-saving – Pay attention to battery capacity. Also, the wearables should be energy-efficient. Moreover, they should charge quickly and give a long runtime.

    Compatibility – It is essential to check the compatibility of your smart wearable devices with your computer or smartphone.

    Style and Display – The style aspect is an essential feature to consider. Check various dial options and optimizable straps before buying them. Also, look at the extensive range of material and color options.

    Our Thoughts

    We have shed light on different sorts of smart wearables. Additionally, these smart wearables can save your trips to the doctor. Also, they afford you many benefits by tracking your health metrics. These metrics include heart rate, pulse rate, blood pressure, calories burned, and sleep patterns. So, in the end, enjoy your wearables and good luck.

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