10 Best Gaming Chairs in 2022 (Reviews, Specs, Pros & Cons)

best gaming chairs to buy

The rising passion for gaming has propelled the sale of gaming chairs. The popularity of gaming chairs has gone off the charts. Sedentary lifestyles and extended office hours may be the underlying reasons behind its overwhelming popularity. However, choosing the best gaming chairs can be a daunting task. It is essential to set your preferences before choosing the best gaming chair.

In addition, adjustability is the most prominent feature of gaming chairs. The chair should be ergonomic with customizing options. It must fit your size and dimension. Another key feature entailing gaming chairs is durability and easy-to-use. Wheel with 360-degree rotation is an inherent feature of these chairs.

Moreover, adjusting heights and higher recline angles are some must-have features. Some high-end gaming chair brands include the all-around adjustability of parts. Adjusting tilt, lumbar support, headrest, and armrest are some key benefits. So, now let’s cut to the chase and discuss the best gaming chairs in 2022.

Types of gaming chairs:-

Considering the utility of the gaming chairs we can categorize them into three following types:

PC gaming chair:-

PC Gaming Chair

Image Credits: High Ground Gaming

PC gaming chairs are different from office chairs. PC gaming chairs have some extra features from office chairs to increase the comfort level. The main differences are adjustable armrest, bucket style, and more cushioning.

Some of the PC gaming chairs come with reclining and lumbar support as shown in the below image.

Rocker or Platform Gaming chairs:-

Rocker Gaming chairs

Image Credits: Walmart

Rocker gaming chairs usually come without a wheel and are set on the ground. These types of gaming chairs basically have a pocket and headphone jack. These side pockets are very handy to keep controllers.

Rocker gaming chairs don’t have the base but have a lot of other rocking features. Rocker gaming chairs have an L type of design.

Rocker gaming chairs are basically designed for gaming platforms like PS and Xbox, which don’t need a keyboard to play the games. The below image is an example of a rocker gaming chair.

Hybrid gaming chair:-

Hybrid Gaming Chair

Image Credits: Xrocker Gaming

Hybrid gaming chairs are intermediate between the PC gaming chair and rocker gaming chairs. These types of gaming chairs have pedestals and have functions similar to rocker gaming chairs. Some gaming recliners fall under this category.

Hybrid gaming chairs provide extra comfort and can be used perfectly for platforms like Xbox and PS. These are the gaming chairs without wheels. It is stable and difficult to move as compared to PC gaming chairs.

10 Best Gaming Chairs List

Choosing a perfect gaming chair could be a big hassle as there are multiple gaming chairs available in the market. We have checked and tested multiple chairs and consumer reviews. After checking various factors we came to the list of the 10 best gaming chairs you can buy in 2022.

Secretlab Titan Evo 2022

Best Gaming chair in all aspects

secretlab titan evo

Image Credits: Secretlab

Size and comfort. Perfectly made for long gaming sessions.


Weight holding capacity 285 to 395 lbs
Frame Structure Steel
Material used Hybrid Leatherette
Multi-tilt mechanism Yes
Warranty 5 years
Seat height 17.7 to 21.9 inch
Seat width 17.7 to 19.3-inch
Adjustable height depth 3 to 3.7 inches
Backrest height 32.3 to 35-inch
Backrest width 2o to 22-inch
Lumbar support Yes, Adjustable
Armrests Adjustable
Recline Angle 85 to 165 degrees

Secretlab Titan Evo 2022 is a leading gaming chair among all the variants of Secretlab. Also, it unlocks many irresistible features. These features include ergonomic design, exceptional durability, and a 4-way lumbar support system.

It also sports replaceable full-metal 4D armrests, a magnetic memory foam head pillow, and a 165-degree recline angle. Also, multi-tilt mechanism, 5-year extended warranty, and class 4 hydraulics are some added advantages.

Moreover, Evo 2022 is all set to amaze you with its soft PU-coated wheels. These wheels help you to glide the chair effortlessly on any surface. And finally, this highly stable chair comes in three sizes: small (S), regular (R), and XL.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Recline angle 85 to 165 degrees A bit expensive than its predecessors
Swappable armrest top lets you swap materials under the armrest
Full-metal 4D armrest allows exact adjustments in all directions.
Smoothly adjustable armrest is free to raise, lower down, and slide under while sitting forward.
Sturdy ADC12 aluminum wheelbase.

Secretlab Omega 2020 Series

Adaptable 4D armrests

Image Credits: Secretlab

Unimaginably customizable armrests lets you enjoy omnidirectional movement.


Weight holding capacity 264 lbs
Frame Structure Steel
Material used PU leather
Multi-tilt mechanism Yes
Warranty 2 years
Seat height 17.3 inch
Seat width 21.1-inch
Adjustable height  2.3 inches
Backrest height 34.3-inch
Backrest width 21.5-inch
Lumbar support Yes, Adjustable
Armrests 4D Adjustable
Recline Angle 90 to 155 degrees

Secretlab Omega is another key innovation of Secretlab. It packs a good deal of perks with its highly durable PU leather and snug fit base. In addition, a premium quality memory foam lumbar pillow will maximize your comfort. This highly resilient memory foam can readily mold to the shape of your back.

Moreover, the memory foam comes laced with a cooling gel to allow you extra comfort. Another prominent feature includes fully metallic 4D armrests that allow you a precise and smooth adjustment. On top of all, its moderate-firm cold cure foam lets you enjoy optimal comfort.

It is formulated to allow you a reclined angle of 85 to 165 degrees thanks to its top-grade spring. Coated with soft PU material this 66 lbs feisty chair can hold the max load of 240 lbs. And finally, this feature-laden gaming chair is a worthwhile investment for a long duration of gaming. The multi-tilt mechanism, ADC12 Aluminum wheelbase, tilt angle lock, 4D adjustments, and extended 5-year warranty are added benefits.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Full-length ergonomic backrest Armrests are a bit short
Ease to assemble
85 – 165° high-grade spring backrest recline
High-durability carbon structural steel frame
Class 4 Hydraulics Mechanism
Memory Foam Lumbar Pillow

Cougar Explore S

Highly lightweight with portability features

Cougar Explore S

Image Credits: Cougar Gaming


Dimension 25.8 x 22.4 x 52.84 inches
Furniture finish  Leather
Material Leather
Tilt mechanism Yes
Wheel size 3 inches
Armrests 3D
5-star base material Steel
Surface Breathable PVC leather
Size Mid
Item weight 49.6 lbs
Holding capacity 264.55 lbs

Cougar Explore S takes care of your overall comfort despite being low in budget gaming chair. It employs two pillows (head and lumbar) for extra comfort and support. Also, 3D armrests adjustability, height adjustment, and a modest weight capacity of 240 lbs are added benefits.

Cougar Explore S holds all the essential features as any high-end model. With a blend of comfort and durability it can efficiently meet the requirements of pro gamers. This mid size chair boasts some trending features. These features include perforated premium PVC leather, high density mold shaping frame, sturdy steel frame, metallic base, and ergonomically designed armrests.

Moreover, PVC leather is a moisture and sweat absorbing material. Its fabric is perfect for breathing. Additionally, Explore S sports two pillows (head and lumbar) for extra comfort and support. Top-notch piston lift, continuous 155 degrees recline angle, and adjustable tilting resistance will take your gaming experience to the next level.

In addition, it is equipped with 3D adjustable armrests. A 3D adjustability implies height, left-right, and to-fro adjustments. Furthermore, this 49.6 lbs chair can efficiently carry the max load of 264.55 lbs. And finally, a sturdy steel frame with PVC leather finish enables it to withstand wear and tear.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Perforated PVC material can effectively absorb moisture and sweat. Armrests don’t have 4D adjustability.
Sturdy steel frame
Highly padded head and lumbar pillow
Fairly lightweight (49.6 lbs)
Extra-large 3-inch caster wheels for improved stability

OFM Essentials Racing Chair ESS-3086

Best gaming chair for lowest Price

OFM Essentials Racing Chair

Image Credits: OFM

OFM racing chair is surprisingly low budget with an excellent center-tilt control.


Item weight 37 lbs
Seat height  17 to 20.75 inches
Seat width 20 inches
Seat depth 19 inches
Backrest length 29.5 inches
Backrest width 19.75 inches
Tilt 85 to 165 degrees
Weight load 275 lbs

OFM ESS 3086 is the ultimate solution for intense gaming sessions and prolonged duration. This high back racing style bonded leather gaming chair can afford you immaculate performance. Uniquely outlined segmented padding, integrated padded headrest, and padded arms are its defining features.

Apart from it, ESS-3086 features height adjustment, center-tilt control, flip-up arms, and 360 degrees swivel movement. In addition, it uses smooth flexible leather that enhances its overall look.

And lastly, it can withstand a weight load of 275 lbs. This heavy-duty chair is an ideal choice for long-term usage. On an added note, its high back racing car design will add spark to your gaming experience.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Comfortable Chair does not lock in the reclined position
Affordable No lumbar support
Armrests lifting mechanism

Razer Iskur

Best gaming chair for Big and tall gamers

Razer Iskur

Image Credits: Razer

With an extensive weight load capacity of 299 lbs Razer can accommodate tall gamers.


Dimension 26.2 x 29.35 x 53.98 inches
Holding capacity 299 lbs
Height 5.6-6.2 inches
Material PVC leather
Base 5-star metal powder-coated
Frame Metal and plywood
Armrest 4D
Foam type High density molded foam
Recline Angle 139 degrees
Adjustable headrest Yes
Warranty 3-years

Razer Iskur affords you an ideal balance of support and comfort. Fully adjustable lumbar support and multi-layered PU synthetic leather add weight to it. Thick PU leather wrapping makes it extra durable and fends off peeling.

Furthermore, highly padded cushions can mold corresponding to your body shape. In addition, 4D armrests allow you a fully customizable positioning, steel frame, and armrests.

Assuming that, you need a hustling-style gaming seat to give you that smooth master gamer look. This gaming seat upholds a wide assortment of gamers of height 5.6 feet to 6.2 feet. The total holding capacity is 299 pounds.

When you subside into the Razer Iskur, you’ll appreciate solace not given just by the high-thickness formed froth. An in-vogue-looking PVC calfskin encloses the middle. Razer has even put its snake interpretations onto some of it with snake-like scales.

You’ll likewise discover 4D customizable armrests that you can position as you desire. The main thing that feels missing is RGB lighting, simply because Razer often incorporates it.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons 
Multi-layered PU synthetic leather Recline angle needs improvement as the tilt is 90-130 degrees.
Impressive load capacity of 299 lbs
Perfect for 5.6 to 6.2 feet gamers
Three-year warranty and 14-days risk-free returns. 
Sturdy frame

Cougar Argo

Best For Comfort and Design

Cougar Argo

Image Credits: Cougar

Cougar Argo offers detachable headrest pillow with perfect mesh structure.


Item weight 55.11 lbs
Seat height 19.1 to 21.3 inch
Seat width 20.1 inch
Seat depth 20.1-inch
Backrest length  29.7-inch
Backrest width 20.3 inch
Material  PU leather
Tilt 105 to 130 degrees
Armrests 3D
Weight load 330.7 lbs
Price $450

The Cougar Argo has a great seat that consolidates the most impressive aspects of a gaming seat with the most remarkable characteristics. The chair begins at $450, yet it includes a high-end seat to avail you of maximum comfort.

Cougar Argo compiles the breathable PU leather as the mesh material. It helps in making the mesh perfect for passing air. For several adjustable abilities, the company provides a wired control system.

To provide the proper movement, there are 3-inch caster wheels. These three-inch caster wheels are joined with the help of a 5-star aluminum starbase.

The total holding capacity is 330.7 lbs. The seat is capable of sliding around 60 mm. For premium hand support, the padded armrests are 3D adjustable. The head pillow is also movable and can be detached, when not in use.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Premium aluminum frame Expensive
Highly breathable mesh cushion
Adjustable height, tilt, and seat sliding
Fully adjustable lumbar support

Corsair TC60

Best gaming chair for Minimal heat retention fabric

Corsair TC60

Image Credits: Corsair

Best gaming chair for Minimal heat retention fabric


Item weight 41.8 lbs
Seat height 16.8 to 20.4 inch
Seat width 22.6 inches
Seat depth 17-inch
Backrest length 33.46 inch
Backrest width  22.12 inch
Recline angle 105-degree
Weight load 264.5 lbs
Price $219.99

Corsair TC60 takes care of your all day relaxation. It combines a broad bolstering breathable, soft cloth fabric that retains minimal heat to keep you calm and relaxed in any environment. Also, 3D armrests, 100mm of seat height adjustment, and 105-degrees of recline angle afford you the authentic ergonomic chair experience.

Moreover, 60mm dual wheel casters and and adjustable tilt angle with 10-degree synchronization implies you can get comfortable at any position. In addition, a Class3 gas lift affords you the desired seat height adjustment. And finally, the assembly is a breeze.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Dual wheel casters (60mm) for easy movement. Limited recline angle
Easy assembly
Breathable cloth exterior
Easy seat height adjustment

Vertagear Triigger 350SE

Best gaming chair for Minimal heat retention and higher breathability

Vertagear Tripper 350SE

Image Credits: Vertagera

This chair offers plush features like adjustable tilt tension, lumbar support, and 2D armrests.


Dimension 26.2 x 29.35 x 53.98 inches
Holding capacity 299 lbs
Height 5.6 to 6.2 inches
Material Premium Calfskin leather
Base Aluminum Alloy
Frame Aluminum Alloy (frame and base), Steel Alloy (Mechanism)

The Triigger 350SE aces in every sphere including setting up, function, and maintenance. It uses exquisitely handcrafted calfskin leather infused with skilled craftsmanship and next-generation design, cutting, and stitching technology.

Moreover, this ergonomically designed gaming chair affords great comfort and flexibility to the gamers thanks to its Class-4 Glass Lift that keeps you at an optimal level to stave off sore shoulders.

Furthermore, it uses Reinforced DuPont TEEPEE Mesh that enables the chair to withhold high-temperature and heavy hydraulic movements. Also, it is helpful for breathability and immersive gaming.

On top of that, it offers you the convenience of quick movements as gamers can adjust seating positions as fast as 0.32 seconds. Also, you can lock 350SE into 22 different positions and exploit its seat depth adjustment button that lets you slide the seat to and fro.

Pros & Cons

Pros  Cons
Quiet functioning A bit expensive
Industry’s first antibacterial, anti-odor headrest
Quick height adjustment
Multiple locking positions

Respawn 205

Best gaming chair for Short-sized gamers

Respawn 205

Image Credits: Respawn

Respawn 205 allows for additional heat control for added comfort.


Item weight 58.4 lbs
Seat height 19 to 23 inch
Seat width 20.5 inch
Recline angle 90-130 degrees
Armrests 4D
Weight load 275 lbs
Tilt-lock 3 positions
Warranty  5-year

With Respawn 205, you can unlock the comfort and luxury of the top level. Highly-contoured lumbar support can easily conform to your spine and neck to prevent sore shoulders. Also, full 360-degree swivel angle, 4D armrests, and recline angle from 90 to 130 degrees can elevate your gaming experience.

Moreover, you can stay cool thanks to its reinforced mesh backing, 3 position tilt lock, and 275 lbs weight capacity. The mesh backing steps up airflow to regulate your body temperature.

Apart from it, the adjustable headrest and lumbar support pillows deliver that long lasting comfort. And lastly, this ergonomic chair sports a steel tube frame design encased in molded foam that promotes additional heat control.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Ergonomic steel tube frame construction Leather material can peel off after longer use.
Innovative mesh back for maximum breathability
Adjustable lumbar support and headrest pillow
Award nominated brand

Big Joe Dorm Chair

Best gaming chair for Portable despite being big in size

Big Joe Dorm Chair

Image Credits: Big Joe

Replaceable bean bags and doubly stitched zippers with multiple cabbies.


Item weight 5.1 lbs
Seat height 15.8 inch
Seat width 18.9 inches
Seat depth 23.6-inch
Backrest length 24-inch
Backrest width 18.5-inch
Weight load 350 lbs
Price $65

Multiple pockets and cabbies make Big Joe Dorm convenient to hold phones and other electronic gadgets. Also, it uses stain-resistant SmartMax fabric filled with super comfy beans, so that you can derive the comfort you crave for. The bean bags are refillable.

Moreover, it is available in Black, Orchid Pink, Sapphire Blue, and Lime Green. This doubly zipped fluffy dorm chair is highly durable. In the pursuit of owning a hustling-style gaming couch, Big Joe Dorm Chair is a perfect piece.

This chair can be your perfect companion while watching TV. Double-stitched covers accompanied by two safety locking zippers make it extra durable. It uses tough, stain resistant, water-resistant, material that is easy to clean with a damp cloth. And finally, this feature-loaded bean chair may be a good addition to your room furniture.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Fluffy beans Stuffing and refilling can be tedious sometimes. 
Safety zippers, handles, and durable fabrics
Re-fillable bean bags

Best Gaming Chairs Video

Buying Guide for the Best Gaming Chairs

Ergonomic design : Ergonomically designed gaming chairs include all comfort-maximizing features. These features comprise adjustable armrests, high back lumbar support, adjustable seat height. Also these gaming chairs have retractable footrests. Breathable leather material and tilt lock features are the added benefits.

Ideal flexibility : Flexibility depends on multiple factors like the seat height adjustability, higher recline angles, omnidirectional arms, sufficient elbow room, easy movement, and plush lumbar support that comfoms to your spine. The best gaming chairs will have diverse adjustment choices. Tilt lock features and all-posture support with overall part adjustments are some must-have features.

Separable head and lumbar pads : While most gaming seats as of now have back and head support, and others offer additional packages. That might be disengaged and appended on a case-by-case basis. Lumbar cushions can offer added support to the back. However, ensure you pick the one that you can effortlessly adjust and replace.

All around fabricated armrests : While neck and lumbar support is a must-have feature, the arms and wrists additionally need similar consideration. Therefore, regardless of PC gaming or control center gaming, a decent armrest is essential for arm and wrist care.

Appropriate measurements : This has a ton to do with the capacity of the seat to oblige your particular height and weight. A decent gaming seat is good for your specific body type and can go far to ensure ideal solace. It should permit you to move your arms and change the seat heights.

Type of material used for gaming chair seat

PU Leather

Leather – Every gaming chair includes leather material in its seat construction. It is important to know that gaming chairs do not use natural or real leather. What we call a real or genuine leather is generally animal skin. However, a natural leather is long lasting and can effectively withstand wear and tear. Simply, a leather seat is tantamount to luxury and comfort.

PU Leather (polyurethane leather made of thermoplastic leather) – PU leather or faux leather is an ideal replacement for natural leather. Unlike genuine leather PU leather is vulnerable to peeling off over a period of time. In addition, PU leather is not as breathable as genuine leather. Also, PU leather lags behind genuine leather in terms of absorbing sweat and moisture. However, in comparison with PVC, PU leather stands closer to genuine leather. Its appearance and feel are much similar to genuine leather.

PVC Leather (Polyvinyl chloride leather made of fabric coated with a foam layer) – PVC leather stands out from a commercial point of view. It offers unique qualities like fireproof, water-resistant, and stain-resistant. However, it is another copycat version of genuine leather. Interestingly, PVC leather is more budget-friendly than PU leather and genuine leather. However, its inferior breathability makes it a second-rate choice. But you may find it really helpful if you have a habit of taking snacks and drinks on your gaming chair. The reason behind it is its dirt-repellent and stain-resistant features.

Fabric Gaming Chair – is a clothing material made by knitting or weaving threads. Fabrics are extracted from animal or plant fibers. These fibers get twisted together to make a yarn. Further, these fabrics get treated with chemicals. And later, these fabrics go through processing to give a flashy appearance. Fabric is less durable and less expensive than leather. It is meant for comfort. Also, it offers a wide range of colors.

Mesh Gaming Chair – Mesh back chair is an innovative version of a gaming chair. Most manufacturers use mesh to promote proper airflow. Mesh contains tiny holes that act against heat accumulation. It offers comfort and proper breathing to your skin tissues. It can help the users fend off fast aging. Adequate flow of air can keep you fresh during long gaming sessions.

Is the Gaming Chair worth buying?

A gamer considers each angle before making any heavy purchase. Gaming seats are the most appropriate to sit down on. Thus, buying a gaming chair is remarkable, as it it corrects your posture, eases your shoulder and back pain. And finally, it makes your gaming experience immersive.

  • Less back pain
  • Forestall cerebral pain
  • Corrects the posture
  • Increases the blood flow
  • Less strain on musles and joints
  • Eases out the tiredness


How much do gaming chairs cost?

There’s an expansive response to this inquiry because there are specific seats that are available. Some are less expensive and some cost many dollars. The explanation for these cost changes may differ from product to product as it is subject to the material used, adjustability, and comfort.

What age groups are gaming chairs for?

Gaming seats are explicitly planned and obliged for youngsters. The main restricting elements for the best gaming chair designed for a grown-up would be the client’s height and heaviness.

Am I too tall for a gaming chair?

Gaming seats are intended for the average stature as well as some are customizable for diminutive individuals also. If this is the reason, then manufacturers need to be familiar with it.