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Do you aspire for a quality home gym where physical training meets luxury and comfort unlike the regular fitness gym center? There are numerous luxury gyms and health clubs in the cities of the US. However, upgrading your home with some of the latest and most elegant fitness equipment gives you the ultimate workout experience.

Luxury gym equipment offers a perfect combination of appearance and function. It combines cutting-edge technology, ergonomic and stylish design, and craftsmanship using the finest quality materials. A few of these daily workout units are showstoppers based on their looks, while others are dedicated to exhausting every muscle of yours.

Luxury gym equipment is usually pricey but is made with standard materials that define your home gym with unique designs. Take a look at the ten most luxurious workout equipment you would take pride in.

Top 10 luxury gym equipment

Ciclotte Teckell Bike

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Best luxury home exercise bike made of crystal

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What We Like

A stylish transparent crystal design looks attractive, gives heavy cycling workouts, and has Bluetooth connectivity.


Dimensions 43.7L x 19.6W x 43.7H inches
Weight 211 pounds
Material Transparent crystal fiber
Additional Features Bluetooth connectivity
Price On request

Ciclotte Teckell Bike merges Ciclotte’s “Ride on design” philosophy with Teckell’s “Italian design looks forward.” This exercise bike has an iconic design with minimalistic shapes and is made of transparent crystal. Also, this gym equipment ensures high training workouts while replicating the feel of pedaling on the road. You can use Ciclotte bikes in luxury homes, office contractors, hotel gyms, and unique yacht fitness activities.

Furthermore, this bike integrates with smartphones and tablets via Bluetooth 4.0 to play a range of music and movies to keep you entertained as your work out. Also, the Kinomaap allows you to monitor the parameters of your workouts. Also, you can compete with your friends and ride the most beautiful routes in the world.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
The transparent crystal design looks elegant Color might differ from that displayed online
Feels like cycling on the road  
Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity  
Monitor your progress as you workout  

WaterRower Natural with S4 Performance Monitor

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Best water rower with Bluetooth compatibility

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What We Like

Hardwood water rower for cardio, core strength, low impact, and full-body workout with a single equipment


Dimensions 82.2L x 22W x 20H inches
Weight 67.2 pounds
Maximum user weight 695 lbs
Material Appalachian Hardwood (available in Ash, Oak, Cherry, Walnut)
Additional Features S4 performance monitor and Bluetooth compatible
Price $1378.92

WaterRower Natural with S4 Performance Monitor blends seamlessly into a residential setting and allows you to exercise in any room of the house. It is designed with sustainable hardwood with four style variations. The Waterfall Wheels let you work out with the feel, sound, and exercise benefits of natural water rowing.

Moreover, you can move and store your WaterRower in the corner of your house or fitness studio with the help of its wheels.

Also, WaterRower burns calories and builds strength making minimal impact on your joints and lower back. In addition, it burns more than 1000 calories per hour with maximum exertion. Finally, the WaterRower is easy to row for beginners and experienced rowers.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
High maximum user weight capacity Minimal monitor
Suitable for all fitness level workouts Non-adjustable footrests
Smooth and effective rowing experience  
Easy to use and store  

Harrods TechnoGym Bench

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Best compact home workout set for small spaces

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What We Like

An all-inclusive training kit for various full-body workouts upgrades and innovates your home fitness routine.


Dimensions 44.4L  x 14.7W x 17.3H inches
Weight Bench weight: 77lbs

Accessories weight: 121 lbs

Maximum user weight 286 lbs
Additional Features Elastic bands, hexagon dumbbells, weighted knuckles, and a training mat


Price On request

Harrods TechnoGym Bench is a compact, versatile and multi-functional toolset of full-body workouts, which takes up less space in your room. It encompasses a comprehensive range of resistance, strength, and core training equipment. Technogym bench offers hexagon dumbbells, a training mat, weighted knuckles, and three varieties of resistance bands.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Compact bench Available only in select cities
Multi-functional toolset for full-body workouts  
It can easily adjust in small spaces.  
The spacious compartment holds all its equipment  

Nohrd (Sprintbok) Treadmill

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Best trendy and stylish manual treadmill

Image Credits: nohrd

What We Like

An eco-friendly treadmill that runs on manual energy adapts to your running style and speed and ensures minimum strain on your joints


Dimensions 70.8L x 27.5W x 55 H inches

Running Surface: 62.9L x 17.7W inches

Weight 352.7 lbs
Maximum user weight NA
Material Wooden frame
Additional Features 2 rollers for easy maneuvering, 17.3inch tablet, Quiet running experience
Price $ 7299.00

Nohrd Sprintbok Treadmill comes with a smoothed, curved frame design made of solid hardwood. The wooden frame contributes to vibration reduction when the machine is in use. As a result, running feels easy and natural and offers 30% higher calorie burn.

Moreover, the Sprintbok app allows you to track your performance data and select from various pre-designed running workouts and scenery runs on its tablet. In addition, It needs the least maintenance due to its natural material design.

On top of that, the Sprintbok treadmill belt consists of 62 movable wooden slats that absorb shock while running. And finally, Nohrd Sprinkbot quickly adjusts to the user’s strength input and running style to give practical running training.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Solid hardwood design runs on manual effort You need to practice running on it initially.
Provides 30% higher calorie burns  
Sprinkbot app shows metrics and scenes on the tablet while running.  
Adapts to the strength and running style of the user  

Nohrd WaterGrinder – Pure Intensity Fitness Trainer

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Best upper body fitness trainer

Image Credits: nohrd

What We Like

Easy-to-use equipment provides a wide range of exercises for the upper body and has an elegant, eye-catching frame.


Dimensions 23L × 31.4W × 19.6H inches
Weight 110 lbs( empty )

154.25 lbs (w/ 5gal. water)

Maximum user weight NA
Material Solid Ash wood, black steel support legs, and polycarbonate water tank
Additional Features Glass touch screen monitor
Price $ 2599.00

Norhd WaterGrinder – Pure Intensity Fitness Trainer is a sailing grinder that propels the wind by hoisting the sails quickly. The grinders of the sea-going yachts race to turn the winches on the sails with a classic crank motion by exerting physical strength and endurance.

In addition, the NOHrD Water Grinder brings this intensive sport to your home, enabling you to achieve the impressive fitness levels of a racing grinder in water. You can work on the grinder in sitting or standing positions with the wooden seat positioned on either side at three different heights.

Moreover, the hand pedals are set in 8 different positions to adjust the resistance level.

Also, you can swivel the touchscreen performance monitor to either side of the machine for training on your preferred side.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Made with durable materials Only for upper body workout
Sitting and standing workouts.  
8-levels of resistance of hand pedals  
Touch screen performance monitor  

Hockshop Loft dumbbell set 2-6kg

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Best Home dumbbell set with rack

Image Credits: exchange

What We Like

Five pairs of stainless steel dumbbells set with a solid walnut wood rack that looks sleek and is hygienic for regular workouts


Dimensions 14.17L x 14.17W x 36.2H mm
Weight 88.18 Lbs
Weight pairs 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 kg
Material Solid Walnut wood, Solid stainless steel base plate
Additional Features LOFT dumbbell rack for five pairs of dumbbells
Price $6,675.00

German brand, Hockshop Loft dumbbell set, rack, and stand base are sculpted out of finely ground oiled solid walnut and food-grade stainless durable steel materials. The dumbbells are also available in single pairs and rack sets. Hockshop Loft is a 2 to 6 kg dumbbell set with a steel-based stand to store the weights quickly.

Moreover, the American walnut grip stainless steel weights look sleek and are hygienic enough for regular workouts.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Strong walnut wood rack Expensive dumbbell set
Stainless steel weights  
Hygenic materials provide a firm grip.  
Stylish Home-gym equipment  

Peloton Smart Bike

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Best high-tech workout bike

Image Credits: onepeloton

What We Like

Smart Workout bike with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, perfect for prolonged sessions and burning calories


Dimensions 59L x 53H x 23W inches
Weight 135 lbs
Touch Screen 21.5 inches diagonal
Material Welded steel, ED & powder coated frame
Additional Features Resistance knob, 2 10 watt speakers, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth connectivity
Price $1,495.00

Peloton Smart Bike gives you the luxury of live classes and other programs on demand.

The touch screen shows your performance metrics like power, cadence, resistance, and heart rate while you work out. In addition, you can view the leaderboard to work out alongside other members of the Peloton app.

Moreover, the training programs offer challenges and display the trainer’s workout history, milestone achievements, streaks, and badges. In addition, the bike can carry heavily weighted individuals and give them a two-level workout experience. You can also play your favorite music as you burn your calories on this equipment.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Two resistance knobs for workouts Some parts may fall off on regular usage
The giant touchscreen shows performance metrics.  
Wi-Fi connectivity  
Training sessions motivate the user to overcome workout challenges  

VAHA X Digital Fitness Mirror

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Best workout mirror with inspiring training sessions

Image Credits: vaha

What We Like

An interactive digital home fitness mirror that delivers personalized, immersive sessions for exercise and motivation


Dimensions 66.9L x 24.4W x 16.5H inches
Weight 99 lbs
Touch Screen 43 inches HD
Material Welded steel, ED & powder coated frame
Additional Features Floor stand, Soundboard, and amplifier, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth connectivity, and IMX Sony camera
Price $2560.55

Vaha X Digital Fitness Mirror is a high-tech fitness mirror that offers intelligent workout tracking and guided training to the user. Its sensors capture your workout movements, and the AI gives you instant feedback to improve.

Moreover, the certified and professional VAHA’s personal trainers provide support and motivation as you progress in your exercise sessions. Finally, Wifi connectivity allows you to access Spotify, Firefox, Instagram, Skype, TikTok, and Zoom on the Vaha Fitness Mirror.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Well designed workouts Expensive
Personalized training programs Heavy to move around
Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and Bluetooth connectivity options  
Spotify music support  

Nohrd Wall Bars

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Best foldable wall mount exerciser.

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What We Like

Ideal for stretching, core/back training, or hanging/swinging exercises


Dimensions 90.5H x 31W x 5D inches
Weight 46 lb
Maximum weight capacity 265 lbs
Material Welded steel, ED & powder coated frame
Additional Features Multi-Adaptor, CombiTrainer, Bench, Fold-out bar lockset, and Extension
Price $999.00

Nohrd WallBars is a multi-functional wall mount exercise unit made of fine wood with a foldout bar at the top. It is elegant, solid, and safe exercise equipment for stretching, core/back training, or hanging/swinging exercises.

Furthermore, the WallBars save space and stores accessories like the CombiTrainer, exercise bench, and Multi-Adapter onto the wall-mounted unit. Also, training on the WallBars is possible for all levels of fitness.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Multi-functional exercise unit The back wall should be strong enough to support this equipment.
Strong equipment with elegant looks  
Provides full-body workout options  
Suitable for whole family exercisers  

Therabody (Theragun PRO Massager)

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Best professional muscle recovery massager

Image Credits: therabody

What We Like

ideal for stimulating muscle recovery, releasing tension, and minimizing discomfort.


Dimensions 10L x 7.1W x 3H inches
Weight 2.9 lbs
Maximum weight capacity 265 lbs
Material Welded steel, ED & powder coated frame
Additional Features Two 16V Lithium-ion batteries, Smart App Integration via Bluetooth
Price $449.00

Therabody (Theragun PRO Massager) comes with a brushless motor with QuietForce Technology that delivers powerful massage movements quietly. Its smart percussive therapy attachments reach deep into your muscles to stimulate heat and blood flow in your worked-out muscles. In addition, Theragun goes 60% deeper into the muscle than the average massager.

Moreover, Therabodyapp delivers customized wellness schedules via Bluetooth connectivity from your activity data. The app shows you the massage methods and wellness schedules to soothe and relax tensed muscles after your workout sessions.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
60-pound stall force threshold Expensive massaging unit
Long amplitude  
Closed and open-cell foam attachments  
Long battery life  

Important points to consider while buying luxury gym equipment

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1. Space available in your room

While purchasing luxury gym equipment, you must calculate the available space in your room for keeping your equipment. You will also need space for a relaxing area in your gym. After planning the area size, you can decide which equipment best suits your home gym space and shop for it.

2. List out the Essential Equipment

Jot down the essential gym equipment you want to have in your home gym. Then, explore their sizes, shapes, design, and price before buying them. Cardio machines, weight racks, resistance machines, and dumbbells are some of the essential workout machines.

3. Cost of the Luxury Gym Equipment

The most luxurious gym equipment is expensive and sometimes needs technical assistance to install. Therefore, you need to budget your expenses as per the price of the equipment and the technician’s charges. Also, high-tech units like Wi-Fi-enabled gym equipment are costlier than non-high-tech ones.

4. Durable and Quality material

Gym equipment that looks stylish is not always durable. Therefore, you must thoroughly check the quality and sustainability of the unit before you buy. However, workout units made with quality materials are long-lasting with additional care and maintenance.

The Bottom Line

Home gym equipment that beautifies your home adds luxury to your everyday gym experience. Enhancing our living spaces with stylish gadgets has always been our interest irrespective of our surroundings. An elegant gym in a pent, a modern smart treadmill, or a workout-focused living room would need durable, high-quality standard gym equipment. We hope you found our guide informative enough to help style up your home gym and take your workout to the next level.


Luxury Home gym equipment looks elegant and is durable. Such equipment combines form with function to give you a comfortable workout experience.

The right equipment for your gym depends on the available space, the maintenance costs, your physical workout needs, and other financial factors. For example, you can buy dumbbells for muscle building, a treadmill or elliptical for cardio, a rowing machine for full-body workouts, etc.