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3 overlooked and typical characteristics that distinguish open-source software from Windows 11 and make it superior

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Photo Credit: Hackaday Using Linux-based operating systems has a lot of advantages, such as more customizability, a more stable system, and a more responsive system, but there are also a number of Linux characteristics that frequently go unnoticed. Here are three underutilized Linux features from which Microsoft may take inspiration.
  • Compared to Windows' Alt codes, Linux's compose key for special characters is far ahead.

There is an entire graphical tool and a third-party website devoted to getting around how difficult it is to add special characters in Windows. The Compose Key considerably streamlines the procedure in various Linux distributions. You don't have to memorize a complicated string of characters. Linux Server Support | Senior Linux Administrator | Computer Solution Photo Credit: Computer Solution
  • Microsoft doesn't track you

The constant flow of data that is given back to Microsoft is one of the main complaints that many customers have about the introduction of Windows 11, as well as Windows 10 before it. According to tests conducted by the security company FB Pro GmbH, Windows 10 sends data back to Microsoft up to 15 times each hour. Linux offers a safe refuge from any unwanted snooping for those who do care about the telemetry that Microsoft is gathering and exploiting to boost its profit margins, even though many people may not. System telemetry can be enabled in many distributions, including Ubuntu, although it's typically disabled by default. During the setup process, you'll be asked whether you want to enable or disable it. Also Read: Meteor Lake Enablement, Zen 4 Auto, and Other Features are Confirmed in Linux 6.3’s New Kernel Version
  • Software that is free and open source is typically safer

Windows continues to be the most frequently infected operating system, despite a sharp rise in the number of malware and viruses that target Linux in recent years, which will hit an all-time high in 2022. The open-source nature of the majority of Linux-based operating systems is widely believed by the Linux community to increase their security. There is some disagreement about whether this is the root of Linux's security, but it is believed that because the source code of the Linux kernel and most of the software that runs on it is continually being examined and improved, vulnerabilities are swiftly identified and fixed.

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