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Contra: Operation Galuga - A Modern Run-and-Gun Classic

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Contra - Operation Galuga, from the professionals at WayForward, skillfully meets the demands of contemporary gamers while bringing back that hectic action. This updated version maintains the essence of the original Contra, which was infamous for its brutal difficulty. In this traditional side-scrolling game, players run and gun through eight challenging levels, evading bullets, taking out bosses, and gathering power-ups. Contra - Operation Galuga Operation Galuga, however, is aware that modern players want more than just a skill-based test. The creators have incorporated features that enhance the experience while maintaining the fundamental gameplay. What distinguishes this remake is as follows:
  • Multiple Modes: Take on the iconic "Arcade Mode" challenge, where a single hit ends the game. "Story Mode" allows you to select unlocked levels and provides mid-level checkpoints for a more forgiving experience. "Challenges" are short, bite-sized tests of your abilities with goals like speed runs or challenging adversary layouts.
  • Persistent Upgrades: In contrast to vintage arcade games, you get rewarded for your efforts. You can use the currency you get from each mode to unlock all characters' permanent enhancements. To alter your playstyle, you can add more lives, improve your health, or begin with a particular weapon. Replaying levels is encouraged by this method, even after an unsuccessful attempt.
  • Strategic Weapon System: Customized weaponry makes a comeback. While discarding a weapon releases a special ability, picking up a power-up for an already-existing weapon boosts its power. This adds another level of decision-making, allowing you to decide whether to upgrade your existing weapon or clear space for a new one.
Contra - Operation Galuga Although there are minor criticisms about the visuals, Contra: Operation Galuga is a superb homage to the original. It adds new elements without sacrificing the fundamental gameplay, so for fans of the genre as well as beginners, it's a terrific way to take a journey down memory lane. Contra: The PlayStation 4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, and PC will all be able to play Operation Galuga starting on March 12.

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