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Musk Confirms X's TV App Arrives This Week

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Elon Musk has announced that a special X app for smart TVs is coming soon, which could significantly alter the internet video market. This move comes as Musk's microblogging platform, X, expands its features beyond short-form communications. Aiming for a large user base, the new app is anticipated to launch in less than a week and will be first available for Amazon Fire OS and Samsung Tizen OS. X is also planning future compatibility with Google TV OS and Apple tvOS, signalling a global push to compete with YouTube, the major video streaming provider. According to reports, the X app will have a recognisable user interface that mimics YouTube's well-liked design. This calculated action attempts to make platform switching for those used to YouTube's UI as simple as possible. "For X, this is a significant step," industry expert Sarah Jones declared. "By offering a dedicated app with a familiar design, X is lowering the barrier to entry for users who might be looking for an alternative video platform." Musk responded to a user's post on X with an official confirmation of the news. The platform's creator's dedication highlights X's sincere desire to challenge YouTube. Musk has stressed the ability to stream X material using Apple AirPlay, allowing customers to watch videos on a large screen. The launch of a specific app simplifies the watching process even further and makes X material easily available on smart TVs. Under Musk's direction, X has changed in ways that go beyond just videos. Musk has envisioned X as an "everything app," adding capabilities like native audio and video calling, since acquiring Twitter. Furthermore, rumours indicate that the app will soon have payment features allowing easy money transfers between users. Long-form content creation, post-editing, verification checkmarks, and access to the potent Grok generative AI model are among the other capabilities that the platform has pushed out for premium users. For a monthly charge of Rs 1,300, premium subscriptions provide an ad-free experience (when subscribed from a desktop). X is ready to take a serious stand for a bigger portion of the online video industry with the release of its smart TV app and expanding feature set. It remains to be seen if it can overthrow YouTube, but one thing is for sure: things are going to become interesting in the struggle for online video dominance.

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