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Google's Regular Pixel 8 Won't Get Gemini Nano AI

(Image Credit Google)
Google has been making huge headways in artificial intelligence with its Gemini project, focusing on generative AI technologies. The project, earlier known as Bard chatbot, is getting consideration for redefining artificial intelligence capabilities potential.

Gemini Nano and Google's AI Progress

A vital part of Google's AI progress is Gemini Nano, a compact rendition of the Gemini language model customized for mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. Despite its true capability, Google has affirmed that the ordinary Pixel 8 won't support Gemini Nano because of "hardware limitations."

Hardware Constraints and Exclusions

Terence Zhang from Google highlighted hardware constraints as the justification behind barring the ordinary Pixel 8 from supporting Gemini Nano. Both the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro offer similar hardware specifications, highlighting Google's Tensor G3 SoC with TPU for on-device AI tasks.

Discrepancies and Speculations

While the Pixel 8 Pro offers 12GB of RAM compared with the Pixel 8's 8GB, different devices like the Universe S24 series, starting at 8GB of RAM, are compatible with Gemini Nano AI. The decision to exclude the normal Pixel 8 brings up issues about the distinctions in the Tensor G3 chips between the two models.

Future of AI Integration

For users inspired by on-device AI capabilities, picking the Pixel 8 Pro might be ideal as Gemini Nano expands compatibility with top-notch devices. Google's obligation to propel the artificial intelligence mix in consumer tech is apparent through this advancement. While the normal Pixel 8 misses out on Gemini Nano artificial intelligence, the Pixel 8 Pro exhibits Google's commitment to advancement in artificial intelligence. As Google keeps on pushing limits in artificial intelligence technology, the Pixel 8 Pro remains a demonstration of its quest for artificial intelligence excellence in consumer devices.

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