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5 Places to Use Amazon Gift Cards Other Than Amazon

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Amazon gift cards are among the top trends to replace birthday gifts with. Not only birthdays gifts, but people are also using it as Christmas gifts, Thanksgiving etc.  However, getting one might not be as helpful due to the fact that the product you're interested in might not be available on Amazon or you'd prefer cash which help you in other expenses.  So, here are some of the ways you can use your amazon gift cards to earn some money or use it beside amazon. Here goes the list to use you amazon gift cards at, rather than the amazon. amazon-gift-cards
  1. Sell it on eBay: If you know how to sell something on this platform, then its a very good option to sell your amazon gift card on this platform. Sometimes, you can get a good deal from this.
  2. Selling it Reddit or FB Marketplace: As this sites have the most people using it, they can really help you a lot in selling your gift cards.
  3. Use it at merchant store accepting Amazon Pay: It is also a very good idea to use it for shopping your daily needs etc. and pay through it.
  4. Buy an Online Subscription: Use your Amazon Gift Card to buy gift cards for your preferred streaming services, such as Netflix, Hulu, etc, and use them to cover your subscription costs. Use your unused Amazon gift card balance to buy Netflix or Hulu gift cards instead of using your credit or debit card to pay.
  5. Trade for Bitcoin: Using your Amazon gift card can be an excellent method to start investing in Bitcoin, or any other cryptocurrency for that matter, if you don't need cash right now. You can diversify your financial portfolio in this way by starting small and investing often. It is possible to buy and trade Bitcoin with Amazon gift cards on websites like Paxful, Purse, and LocalBitcoins.

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