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51% off a 16 TB WD Red Pro SATA HDD on Amazon

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51% off a 16 TB WD Red Pro SATA HDD on Amazon-GadgetAny

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The WD Red Pro NAS HDD (model WD161KFGX) is now only US$279.99 (list price: US$569.99) thanks to a massive 51% discount. Despite being a less common CMR drive, this piece of hardware has a general rating of 4.6/5 stars after more than 3,500 verified user reviews, of which more than 90% are 4- and 5-star evaluations.

Sizes from 2 TB to 22 TB are now offered in the WD Red Pro lineup on Amazon. For the time being, the 51% discount that is applicable to the WD161KFGX model is one of the most alluring offers. By doing this, the US$569.99 list price is reduced to a more reasonable US$279.99. Home users should understand that this drive is built, though.

Discussing Low WD Red Pro NAS Hard Drive Endurance Ratings

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This CMR drive has the 3.5-inch form factor, has a SATA III connection, and rotates at a speed of 7200 RPM. It also includes a 256 MB cache. It has a 5-year guarantee period, supports annual workloads of up to 300 TB, and has 3D Active Balance Plus technology, which boosts dependability, while NASware 3.0 manages error recovery.

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The only Western Digital HDD for NAS applications with a 5-year warranty is the WD Red Pro. Only two years are included with the WD Red and WD Red Plus. The WD_BLACK (desktop), WD Gold (enterprise), WD Purple Pro (surveillance), and WD Ultrastar (both enterprise) are further drives from the same manufacturer that come with a 5-year warranty. The WD Red Pro product line has an overall Amazon rating of 4.6/5, with 81% perfect reviews, 10% 4/5 evaluations, and 5% minimal scores.

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