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A Leaf Blower Is The Easiest Snow Blower To Use

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If you live in an area that experiences snowfall, you are all too aware that there are some types and depths of snow that are both difficult to shovel and not worth starting the snow blower for. And that snow is ideal for using your leaf blower to blast. The winter winds may have dumped 12 inches of wet, mushy snow on your driveway by the time you read this article, so leaf-blowing the snow isn't a practical approach. At that point, your only options are to use a snow blower—preferably a two-stage one to cut through the thick snow—or put your shovel to good use. The winter equivalent of a light summer drizzle, though, is waking up to an inch or three of powder snow covering everything if you reside in the region of ice and snow. A Leaf Blower Is The Easiest Snow Blower To Use It is annoying to shovel it because you spend so much time moving so little snow, and it is virtually worthless to blow snow, because the snow blower tends to just fling it straight up in the air. A leaf blower, however, is an entirely different matter. You can produce your own high-speed wind to blow away light snow, channeling your inner mother nature. When you use a sort of side-walking cutting action to "sweep" the snow across the width of your driveway, the blower delivers a focused air stream directly along the ground and blasts the snow right off steps, sidewalks, patios, and even your driveway. You Really Want an Electric Leaf Blower for Snow? Just this morning, I used the blower to quickly remove two inches of snow from my car, and I then accomplished the rest of my morning snow-clearing routine in a few minutes. Although you can use a gasoline-powered snow blower to clear snow from your car or patio, we won't suggest it. Yes, they are strong and do have a lengthy runtime. However, they are extremely noisy (your neighbors will despise you) and the exhaust smells very strongly (so you might go to work smelling like small engine exhaust). Use an electric blower that is powered by batteries to avoid the gas blower's stench, loudness, and inconvenience of starting it up.

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