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Actors Worry As AI Is Becoming Mainstream

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Who had imagined a decade ago that AI would become centerstage one day to give tough times to writers, artists, actors, and professionals? However, it was a common perception that AI would take over accountancy and insurance-related jobs. No one had thought that AI would extend its reach to creativity. But now, a sense of insecurity prevails among the actors and performance artists.  A survey conducted by Equity this year revealed that the UK union for actors and other performing artists considered AI as a threat to their employment opportunities. Surprisingly, 65% of the union members thought the rise of AI as an alarming signal to their jobs. However, this fear cannot be deemed amorphous or irrational as most of the members observed a sharp fall in job listings for work, as AI had captured almost a fifth of their work.  AI A large number of AI start-ups are developing tools to shape the movie industry. These tools can handle a wide range of work related to filmmaking, including making actors look and sound younger, creating AI voices, etc. AI voices can be used for marketing or advertisement campaigns, consumer assistants, or audiobook narration. AI is resolving the cost issues associated with filmmaking as human actors take huge charge for their work. Also, the AI voice is quite flexible, which enables them to say anything at the click of a button.  VocaliD, for instance, delivers a wide array of voices such as “Malik” (“warm, soothing, urban”) “Terri” (“educated, optimistic, sophisticated’‘) and “AI Very British Voice” (“trustworthy, warm, calm”.) Sonantic, another AI company that Spotify just purchased, creates laughing and crying sounds. Its voices are frequently used by video game firms in the production process so they can play around with several scripts. AI-generated voices are not up to mark as human sounds; however, it does not matter. Industry experts say that there is no need to narrate the best-selling novels in AI voice; however, it is quite suitable for lower-end books or novels. Audiobook.ai, for instance, contends it can create an audiobook in 10 minutes with 146 voices to choose from in 43 languages.

By Awanish Kumar

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