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AI girlfriend Caryn takes the AI world by storm

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Snapchat influencer (Courtesy of Caryn Marjorie) A lonely, recently divorced ghostwriter falls in love with Samantha, his artificially intelligent virtual assistant, in Spike Jonze's 2013 film Her. You can now, too, in a further example of life mimicking art, but she goes by the name of CarynAI. Caryn Marjorie, a 23-year-old content producer with over 1.8 million followers on Snapchat, is represented by CarynAI, a digital clone. Designers searched through tens of thousands of hours of deleted YouTube videos to build an e-escort, which you can communicate with for $1 per minute by text message or voice note. Marjorie predicts that if 20,000 of her followers become members, she will be able to generate $5 million every month. She has already made $70,000 in her first week. Sexting chatbots are nothing new; for years, users have been able to role-play relationships with animated avatars thanks to apps like Replika, which has over 10 million users. Users of Caryn's digital alter ego are given the impression that they are speaking to her directly, creating an illusion of intimacy and "superhuman" love; for a fee, you can have the "real deal." [caption id="attachment_172590" align="aligncenter" width="760"]Caryn Marjorie AI GF Image credit : NBC News[/caption] Living in a Black Mirror-Britain where dates are completely downloadable has obvious moral, social, and psychological ramifications. Consider rising sentiments of atomization and loneliness, declining birth rates, and the moral quagmire of perverting your online identity (should you hire ChatGPT before someone else does it for you?) Because Caryn Marjorie is a conventionally gorgeous lady with a built-in online audience, this approach now works for her. However, creating and scaling one's own coquettish persona in the future will be possible for just about everyone as a side business. For OnlyFans content producers, this might represent fierce competition: if you can't beat the AI girlfriends, join them. However, what worries me the most is how dehumanising women becomes when we attempt to humanise AI. People have become less open to having actual sex as a result of porn; just look at the "vanilla-shaming" TikTok craze to see how distorted sexual norms have gotten. Similar to how idealized facsimiles are already being used and, in some circumstances, abused, actual relationships could never be able to match them. Reddit users who use Replika brag about using their chatbots to role-play verbal, emotional, and physical assault in a confrontation that would make Andrew Tate proud. However, allowing users to express their darkest urges towards impersonal digital objects is not cathartic; rather, it only serves to encourage these terrible behaviors and, like porn, fosters harmful habits and connections. Also read : Using OpenAI’s technology, a 23-year-old Snapchat influencer created an AI version of herself who will be your girlfriend for $1 per minute. Others have praised the potential for AI apps to replicate companionship, and Marjorie claims that the goal of establishing CarynAI was for it to be a "tool to cure loneliness." While ElliQ has been marketed as a virtual assistant for the elderly, offering encouragement, health reminders, games, and a pleasant voice, Mr Love: Queen's Choice, a mobile game that allowed users to text, chat, and contact the male love interests, has become extremely popular in China. Although there may be possibilities here, "curing loneliness" may simply be a PR-friendly cover for something much more sinister. In any case, we need to address this immediately because, as Ciaran O'Driscoll writes in his poem "Please Hold," "This is the future... We have already arrived.

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