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Amazon Effect is Fueling a wave of Robotics Investment

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Amazon Effect is Fueling a wave of Robotics Investment-GadgetAny
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Amazon is one of the most growing e-commerce markets as it drives it to get as many products to its customers as possible. A decade of technologies find labor storage problems and skyrocketing e-commerce growth. So, they startup the warehouse robotics industry to meet their ideal conditions on time. However, this convergence has led to the acquisition of significant funding rounds and one robotics IPO next year. 


The expecting growth might be limitless as per TV sessions. At Zebra Technologies, the VP of robotics automation was founded by the Robotics panelist locus robotics CEO Rick Faulk, Berkshire Grey SVP Jessica Morn, and Melonee Wise.

While the panel on warehouse robotics says, “Amazon started rocking the boat, right?” However, the Amazon effect of getting as many SKUs as soon as possible needs to put everybody in a position. In addition, automated things make processing faster to reach your goals in a short time.


According to Faulk, Amazon is probably one of the best marketing platforms in the robotics business. As they need to set SLAs that everyone has to match. 

Faulk Doesn’t View a Ceiling to Growth.

We need to look at the level of warehouse penetration by automation and robots; it’s almost up to 5%. However, there are 150 000 buildings out there across the world. So, they might build another 6 or 7 billion square feet of warehouse space over the next four or five years. As a result, it will all go to be automated. 

Amazon robotics

A wise prediction will lead to a wave of consolidation in which a logistics company might seek to sum up the automation of its product offering. Moreover, it is the same that happens when wise’s startup the Up fetch.

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