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Amazon Introducing All New Upgraded Version of Dash Cart

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Amazon Introducing All New Upgraded Version of Dash Cart-GadgetAny
Amazon Dash Cart

Dash Cart is a smart shopping cart that Amazon launched for its Fresh stores in 2020. Customers can skip the checkout line with these carts by logging in via QR code in the Amazon app. Then, after scanning, they can place their purchase in the smart cart. And automatically complete their payment by exiting the store through a Dash Cart lane. The innovative cart is pretty helpful for people who are in a rush. And now, the company is launching a “larger yet lighter” version of the smart cart. 

More details about the Dash Cart

The current design of Amazon’s smart shopping cart fits two grocery bags only. It uses computer vision algorithms and sensor fusion to identify the items placed inside. The Dash Cart possesses a screen for accessing the Alexa shopping list to tick off items and view real-time receipts. In addition, it has a coupon scanner and the ability to weigh items directly in the cart. 

Amazon Dash Cart

Amazon claims they upgraded the Dash Cart per the customer feedback. The new version weighs less than the current one and carries over some of the features of the old design, like viewing real-time receipts and weighing items directly in the cart. Additionally, it has enhanced computer vision and sensor fusion technology and can accommodate up to four grocery bags. Plus, it has a “delicates shelf” and a lower shelf for oversized items. Besides that, the new Dash Cart has improved geo-location capabilities. Thus, the screen will now also show images of fresh items and deals on items nearby to shoppers. And enable them to type in the item’s name instead of a 4-digit PLU code. 

Furthermore, the upgraded Dash Cart boasts an extended all-day battery life, requiring less charging, and is “weather-resistant.” Hence, shoppers can take their shopping carts to their vehicles to easily unload their groceries. Dilip Kumar, Amazon’s VP of physical retail and technology, said, “To test durability, we baked the technology in an oven and froze test carts in a giant freezer to ensure they would survive harsh weather conditions.” They even dropped “heavyweights” more than 100,000 times in the carts to ensure their durability. 

Amazon Dash Cart

Launch of the upgraded cart

Moreover, in the coming months, the new Dash Cart will become available to shoppers at the Whole Foods Market store in Westford, Massachusetts. Next, select Whole Foods Market stores and Amazon Fresh stores across the US will soon have them. In addition, Amazon stated that customers still have the option to use the original store carts and checkout lanes in these stores. 

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