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Amazon One – The Palm Payment Service Is Expanding

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Amazon One – The Palm Payment Service Is Expanding-GadgetAny

Amazon first introduced Amazon One two years back. It is a payment system that requires shoppers to hover their palms on a scanner to pay for their purchases. The technology is already used by retailers like Whole Foods Market, Amazon Go, Amazon Go Grocery, and third-party retailers who purchased the technology from the company. But, the company recently announced expanding the unique palm-payment service to 65 Whole Foods locations in California. 

Furthermore, the latest rollout is the biggest so far by the company. In addition, on August 9, Whole Foods added support in Malibu, Montana Avenue, and Santa Monica for the palm payment service.

How to check out using Amazon One?

Amazon One

To utilize Amazon One, customers first need to register with the system. They can register their palm print via a kiosk or at a point-of-sale station at eligible stores. Additionally, customers must provide their “payment card and phone number, agree to Amazon’s terms of service, and share an image of their palms to register.” Once they complete this process, they can pay in participating stores by hovering their registered hand over the scanner. 

Is it safe?

The company claims they don’t store the images taken on the kiosk locally. It further elaborated that it encrypts these images and sends them to a cloud server. Then the cloud server (dedicated to Amazon One) generates an identifiable palm signature. 

What’s more

Through this payment method, shoppers don’t need to remove their wallets or phones at checkout. Instead, all they need to do is hover their hand and pay and leave quickly. 

Amazon One

Additionally, Amazon One is part of the company’s campaign to change how customers interact at retail stores. It is similar to Amazon’s Just Walk Out-enabled stores that possess technologies that make payment faster. 

Moreover, the company designed this system to identify customers accurately and allow them to pay at Amazon-owned stores. However, it plans to expand the technology to outside businesses too. 

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