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Amazon Plans to Partner With Pharmacies in Japan

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Amazon Plans to Partner With Pharmacies in Japan-GadgetAny

According to a report by Nikkei (a Japanese news publication), Amazon is “considering entering the prescription drug sales business in Japan.” Consequently, Amazon plans to collaborate with small and medium-sized pharmacies to deliver medications starting next year. 

Furthermore, Amazon intends to build a platform where patients can get information on prescribed drugs, receive online instructions on how to take them, and get these drugs delivered to their homes. Nikkei received the inside deets of the latest strategy by Amazon from several anonymous sources involved in the project. 

Amazon  Pharmacy


Moreover, Nikkei reported Amazon itself wouldn’t operate pharmacies or carry its own inventory. Instead, it will invite small and medium-sized pharmacies in Japan to sell prescription medicines online and provide them with a delivery system. Therefore, people in the country would soon be able to order prescriptions online after online consultations with their doctors for the first time in 2023. According to Nikkei, major pharmacies and other companies in Japan are working on similar programs. Unfortunately, Amazon Japan refused to comment on the matter to Nikkei.

What’s More

In the US, Amazon has been a part of the pharmacy business since 2018, after it acquired PillPack (a prescription delivery company). In addition, the online retailer launched Amazon Pharmacy almost two years ago

Amazon  Pharmacy


However, in Japan, Amazon seems to be taking another approach. It is partnering with companies that provide meds instead of ones that provide care. That’s similar to how the company is approaching other areas of health. Brendan Keeler, a product manager at health technology company Zus Health and a healthcare data system expert, remarked it makes more sense for the online retailer to add its tech to already successful organizations in health rather than build health products from the ground up. And that’s the approach Amazon is taking in Japan. The company already excels in delivering things and connecting to customers. So, Amazon will undoubtedly gain a profit from the swiftly growing healthcare market with this approach. 

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