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Americans can get $30 off their monthly internet bill, See How

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Americans can get $30 off their monthly internet bill, See How-GadgetAny

Kamla Harris, Vice President, announced an affordable internet scheme to millions of Americans. Covid has proved that the Internet is an essential part of our life. When everything closed down in covid, it became clear that many Americans didn’t have equal access to high-quality Internet. Working from home can be good as long as you have access to the Internet. According to research in 2021, Pew Research Study shows that 43% of adults with lower income can not afford home broadband services.

Biden administration established the Internet for All initiative and also invested $65 billion to provide high-speed internet access to provide Internet at affordable prices. On Thursday, Vice President Kamla Harris announced that under the Affordable Connectivity Program, eligible families could receive a $30 monthly discount on internet bills and a $100 discount on laptops, desktop computers, and tablets. 

Kamla Harris

“Every American, no matter their income, should be able to afford high-speed internet,” said Vice President Harris in the announcement. The ACP is a part of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law that is responsible for allocating federal money to various projects such as upgrading airports and public transportation investments.

Families with lower income below 200% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines will qualify for the ACP program. If they are already a part of a government assistance program or exist under the eligibility criteria of the broadband providers’ existing program, they will also benefit from the ACP program. You can fetch complete information about this program from GetInternet.gov or by calling (877) 384-2575.

Kamla Harris

If you qualify for the program, you may go online and apply through a mail-in application. Once your request is approved, you will contact one of the registered service providers, and this offer is only for new users. The Universal Service Administrative Co. created an online tool to help Americans find their nearest coverage area. The discounted plan will offer a 100 MB/S download speed, ideal for a family of four Zoom calls or stream their favorite shows and movies simultaneously.

The Government has another plan for more prominent communities that will be available through the Internet for the All.gov website. This website shares details of grant programs such as Broadband Equity, access and Deployment, and the Digital Equity Act Program.

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