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Android 15 code-named Android V, What does that mean?

(Image Credit Google)
Image Credit: Uswitch.com The popular mobile operating system Android has a history of giving its various iterations cute names. The company, however, has abandoned this tradition in recent years and chosen to use more straightforward numerical names in its place. Despite this modification, Google has kept using code names for each release that are related to sweets. For example, Android 12 was codenamed Snow Cone, and Android 11 was known as Red Velvet Cake internally. With Android 13, the business chose to abandon the sweet-themed code names. and chose an alternative instead. Internally, the operating system was referred to as a "Swing," which is pictured in the statue that Google erected in honor of the current iteration of the operating system. With Android 14, Google, though, seems to be going back to its tasty roots. which is also known internally as Upside Down Cake or Android U. In February 2023, Android 14's first developer preview was released. giving away the enticing code name for the upcoming operating system. There are currently rumors claiming that Android 15 will be code-named Android V, short for Vanilla Ice Cream. A dependable source in the Android community named Mishaal Rahman claims that some developers have discovered traces of this code name in the operating system's code. It's important to note that each Android release's code names are typically reserved for internal use. Additionally, they are not used for marketing or advertising. Nevertheless, it's intriguing that we already know what Android 15's codename is. Because it implies that Google is preparing for the upcoming release in advance. Google's choice to go back to using code names with sweet themes for its upcoming Android releases is certain to excite Android enthusiasts everywhere. Even though the code names are only intended for internal use, they offer users a window into the inventive process that went into creating one of the most well-known mobile operating systems in the world.

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