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Android Device to Receive New Features, Updated Nearby Share

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Android Device to Receive New Features, Updated Nearby Share-GadgetAny

Android is coming with new features; upgrading the Nearby Share is most awaited amongst all as it is a tool that helps to share files between the devices easily.

Once you accept the new feature update on your device, the transfers between the devices happen automatically, even when the display is off. Though the update has been discussed for months, and we are happy to receive them, it comes with a few limitations. The feature can be used only between android devices.

Android Device


The release date is not announced yet, but the company states that the device will get access to the new feature in the coming few weeks. And it is unclear when the other updates will be rolled out to the users.

The updates will help in the improved accessibility of Google services. Keep and Google Drive are redesigned for large screen devices for single-touch access to the Docs, Sheets, and Files with Drive Widget. The Keep Widget will be more prominent in font and size, keeping in mind the people with vision issues.

Android Device


The feature that is not known much, sound notifications, is also getting an upgrade in the accessibility settings. The notification sound was meant to help people with hearing impairments, which creates reports for a door knock, fire alarm, etc., upon turning on.

There is a feature to record some noises. Like the doorbell ringing can be recorded, and when the particular device hears this noise, it will notify you. In addition, Google TV has a service with curated content of audio narration, which can be searched using Google voice assistant or manually. However, the feature’s launch period is not known. 

Android Device


There is a multi-pinning option for calls during Google Meet, which helps you focus on the particular person during large group meetings, maybe the interpreter or the speaker. In addition, there are intelligent emoji suggestions for text messaging on the board, and emojis will be increased, which will be available as stickers.

You are in luck if you use an OS smartwatch, as some fun features are designed for you. For example, you can add Bitmoji on the watch face and a Keep tile for note-taking while you are on the go. Depending on your mood and activities, the cartoon avatar will change, keeping in mind the weather and the time of the day. If you are feeling up and hot, your watch will follow you through!

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