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Apple AR Headset Concept Unveiled; Curved Display Covers The Entire Front

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Apple AR Headset Concept Unveiled; Curved Display Covers The Entire Front-GadgetAny
Apple VR Headset First Look

Image Source: Macworld

Apple was supposed to unveil its AR headset during this year’s WWDC keynote, but with a fresh rumor claiming that the product has encountered another ‘delay,’ we will have to wait even longer. While we all wait for the big reveal, check out this detailed design of Apple’s Reality Pro, which is inspired by a pair of ski goggles.

Apple AR Headset Concept
Image Source: Digital Trends

There is no obvious connection for an external battery in the AR headset design, although there appears to be a charging connector.

When Apple demonstrated the AR headgear to numerous execs, none of them commented on its appearance. Yet, there have been discussions of the gadget looking like a pair of ski goggles, which is precisely what @Hanstsaiz has envisioned in his current prototype. This proposal demonstrates incredible attention to detail, with cushions beneath the visor and the headband, similar to how Apple would have built, with padding at the rear and front to guarantee a comfortable viewing experience for the wearer.

The entire front visor looks to have a curved display, with protective glass possibly present. But, despite the fact that @Hanstsaiz added a tremendous amount of detail, we cannot see any cameras on any component of the headset, and these sensors are required to offer the augmented reality experience. The charging connector is also visible at the bottom of the headband, however, the interface looks to be microUSB rather than USB-C, which is unusual.

According to our sources, Apple’s AR headset will be powered by external batteries, and the firm is anticipated to offer extra accessories, most likely at a higher price. According to reports, the head-mounted wearable cannot be worn over spectacles, and individuals who do not wear eye lenses will be needed to acquire prescription lenses. According to the concept, the glasses will also get in the way of the visor, therefore acquiring such eyewear accessories will be necessary.

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Our hypothesis is that this AR headset design would resemble Apple’s retail unit, but we’ll have to wait until the third quarter of this year for an official introduction. Presumably, there will be no further delays, but it does not guarantee the product’s success, with revised predictions predicting that Apple will sell up to 300,000 devices, which is not a promising figure for such an ambitious launch.

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