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Apple Expands Self Service Repair for Your MacBooks With M1 Chip

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Apple launched the Self Service Repair Program earlier this year for iPhone 12, iPhone SE, and iPhone 13 and is expanding the same by adding MacBook Air and MacBook Pro notebooks with M1 chips to this category. Starting today, August 23rd, MacBook users can order certified parts and access the manual on how to repair, and tools can be bought or rented to fix the device. In addition, apple says the users can restore the products by themselves, like the trackpad, battery case, display, etc. apple Self Service Repair   If the customers do not want to buy, they can rent the tools from Apple at $49 with free shipping. In addition, customers get credit for some products on returning a part replaced with recycling.  The company stated that users with MacBook models, MacBook Air, and MacBook Pro that have M1 chips would be able to order certified parts. Apple said that the program would be expanding to other countries, which will start in Europe. Apple plans on including other Mac models in the program by the end of this year. The right to repair movement is making the US regulators give the customers rights over their products. Following this, Apple, too, decided to go this way. apple Self Service Repair   Apple stated in its blog post, despite the Self Service Repair program, that visiting a certified technician with genuine Apple parts is still the “safest and most reliable way to get a repair” for the “vast majority of customers who do not have experience repairing electronic devices.”

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