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Apple may announce its new headset that can run most ipad apps with multiple excellent features

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Image credit : slate.com Apple may finally reveal its long-awaited VR headset at the WWDC next month, ending years of rumors. According to the most recent rumors, which come from Bloomberg's Mark Gurman, the tablet will run most iPad apps and have features like videoconferencing and fitness. He also talks about an external power pack with a two-hour energy life and eye tracking. It sounds like a potent headgear, and reports put the price at a whopping $3,000; however, the second-generation model might be more reasonably priced, which would help it compete with the Meta Quest 2, Quest Pro, and PlayStation VR2. But defeating Meta and Sony is not Apple's biggest challenge. It is attracting customers who aren't currently interested in VR with its VR ecosystem. From a technical perspective, both the Quest 2 and PS VR2 are superior headsets. They meet all the requirements with powerful technology, a relatively cozy design, and a ton of software. Why then has VR success been so iffy? [caption id="attachment_84416" align="aligncenter" width="1200"]Apple VR Headset Image: BGR[/caption] Following the acquisition, integration, and rebranding of Oculus for the metaverse, Meta successfully carved out a market for its VR headsets. The Verge reports that Meta has already sold 20 million headsets. Although it sounds impressive, the time span between the first Quest and the Meta Quest Pro is four years. For instance, the Nintendo Switch has sold over 122 million systems to date, whereas the PlayStation 5 has only sold 32 million units. Of course, game consoles and VR headsets are different, and their rates of adoption may not be comparable. But that presents a significant obstacle to VR adoption. While Meta has promoted virtual reality (VR) and mixed reality (MR) as essential technologies for both entertainment and work, many people view game consoles as luxury items. In terms of what Meta expects from the category, it is therefore unfair to compare Meta headset sales directly with gaming console sales. It makes more sense to compare them to sales of smartphones. And that means projecting total iPhone sales of $71 billion for 2022. [caption id="attachment_156479" align="aligncenter" width="1479"]apple-vr-headset Image credit : Digital Trends[/caption] It's unlikely that VR and MR headsets will ever come close to that, and the current trends are at best uncertain. on 2021, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg invested $10 billion on advancing the technology, but all that is left to show for it are massive layoffs. The PS VR2 has apparently only sold roughly 270,000 units, falling short of Sony's expectations of 2 million units sold during the launch week. To be fair, Zuckerberg told The Verge in an interview last October that he had drastically tempered public expectations for VR. "It’s not like this stuff is going to be fully mature in a year or even two or three years. It’s going to take a long time to build out the next computing platform." On the one hand, he's looking at VR with long-term optimism. On the other hand, that optimism includes making VR the "next computing platform." Also read : Meta Expected to Announce Another Round of Mass Layoffs Zuckerberg wants virtual reality (VR) headsets to replace cellphones. Apple must step up in this situation, not just to outsell Meta or Sony in terms of headset sales, but also to do for VR headsets what it did for smartphones. pills, too. also smartwatches.

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