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Apple Watch SE 2022 – Specs and Price leaked

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Apple Watch SE 2022 – Specs and Price leaked-GadgetAny
Apple Watch SE 2022

Recently, the supposed specs and price of the Apple Watch SE 2022 leaked. According to the reports, this year’s variant is a decent, affordable alternative to the Apple Watch Series 8. Additionally, the watch, also called Apple Watch SE 2, will probably release in the second half of 2022, in September. 

Moreover, the leak states the supposed price tag, design, and key specifications of the watch. Apart from a price increase compared to its predecessor, there are also some hardware upgrades included in Watch SE 2022. Additionally, the new smartwatch will retain the design of the 2020 model. Plus, customers will have both 40 mm and 44 mm size options. 

Furthermore, even though the design seems similar to its predecessor, there will be many hardware changes in the Apple Watch SE 2022. For instance, the new smartwatch will come equipped with an always-on display out of the box. Therefore, buyers who consider this feature a purchase deal breaker will not be able to remove it with any software trick. Besides that, the smartwatch will also have improved audio, an ECG-monitoring sensor, and fast-charging support.  

Additionally, the smartwatch will consist of an S7 chip. It is nothing but a renamed S6 processor, updated for the Apple Watch Series 7 release. In any case, it is still an upgrade from the 2020 Watch SE with a slower S5 SoC (1.59 GHz vs. 1.80 GHz for the newer parts). Lastly, according to the source of the leak, the new smartwatch will start at $299, $20 more than that required for the first-generation Apple Watch SE.

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