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Apple’s “Chase” Ad Features iPhone 14 Pro Camera! Do Filmmakers Benefit?

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The iPhone 14 Pro's camera performance was praised in the recent Apple "Chase" advertisement. Naturally, this is a part of the manufacturer's advertising campaign promoting its most recent iOS device. However, it's not the first time Apple has utilized the iPhone to make movies. Previously, Park Chan-short work's film "Life is But a Dream" was made with the iPhone 13 Pro, the device's predecessor. However, despite not being a short film, the latest Chase promo emphasizes how filmmakers may use the iPhone 14 Pro. The most recent tip from Apple Insider claims that the official Apple advertisement featured several new iPhone 14 Pro capabilities. These include the 48-megapixel primary camera on the iOS device and the 4K Cinematic Mode and Action Mode. You can see a Chinese filmmaker pursuing a chicken in the first segment of the video. Then there was a little combat scene. One scenario also captured a clay animation on the iPhone 14 Pro. This only serves to demonstrate how effectively this equipment can capture moving items. Aside from this, a wolf and a woman facing each other in the middle of a snowy woodland were also captured using the 4K Cinematic Mode. Apple even referred to the iPhone 14 Pro as having their most "Pro camera ever" since the company is so confident in this product. You may watch the actual Chase marketing video for gadget makers by clicking on the video player below. Although the new iPhone 14 Pro has many sophisticated camera features, it's still crucial to remember that the quality of the photos and movies you take will ultimately depend on your ingenuity. Apple’s “Chase” Ad Features iPhone 14 Pro Camera Always keep in mind this advice before you start your film or photography project:
  • Before snapping your shots, adjust the exposure on your iPhone 14 Pro.
  • To verify that topics are positioned correctly, try utilizing the compositional grid.
  • Make sure the focus is correct before aiming.
Previously, a famous test film for the iPhone 14's crash detection technology demonstrated its efficacy. Meanwhile, the upcoming iPhone 15 Ultra might appear as early as 2023.

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