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Apple headset gains nod of approval from Oculus founder Palmer Luckey

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Image credit : AppleInsider Palmer Lucky, the founder of Oculus, reportedly gave Apple's mixed-reality headset his seal of approval, describing it as "so good." With little evidence that anyone outside of the firm has actually used it, the Apple VR and AR headgear has long been rumored to be a high-quality take on the idea. A prominent figure in the virtual reality industry may have seen or used the device, according to a quick tweet. Palmer Luckey, the founder of Oculus, just posted one comment on the subject on Sunday: "The Apple headset is so good." Despite being succinct and conclusive, Luckey doesn't elaborate at all in replies or subsequent tweets. Before Oculus was acquired by Facebook in 2014, Luckey played a role in shaping the state of VR headset technology as the company's founder. Luckey claimed during his tenure at Facebook—now Meta—that Oculus wouldn't add Mac compatibility for its Rift headset until it unveiled a "good computer" that gave high-end GPUs priority. [caption id="attachment_173248" align="aligncenter" width="944"]Apple VR/AR headset Image credit : slate.com[/caption] He stopped working with Oculus in 2017 and left the social network before founding the defense technology firm Andruil Industries. Since it is likely to be the main focus of WWDC 2023 this June, it might not be long before Apple discloses what the real headset will look like or do. Also read : Meta Confirms Oculus Quest 3 Will be Affordable, But Its VR Business is on Thin Ice The "ski goggle" style headgear, which is anticipated to cost around $3,000 when it launches in the autumn, will feature high-resolution 8K displays for each eye as well as a variety of internal and external cameras and sensors to support hand and eye tracking as well as some augmented reality features. According to reports, it will be able to run a wide variety of iPad apps, and Apple is developing specialized VR versions of its own tools and programs.

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