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Audio-Technica Earbuds Sanitize Themselves Automatically

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Audio-Technica Earbuds Sanitize Themselves Automatically-GadgetAny

Despite having 60 years of experience in the personal audio market, Audio-Technica may still benefit from studying the strategies of its more recent rivals. The $299 ATH-TWX9 brand’s newest wireless earbuds incorporate a function LG first introduced on its own range of earphones: UV light sterilization of bacteria and viruses. They are offered by Amazon and other merchants.

The ATH-UV TWX9’s light system activates when you put them back in their charging case, and the firm claims that with a little help from something called “mirror processing,” bacteria and viruses will be removed from the surface of the earbuds. The fine print is careful to point out that while the system is more than 99% effective against E. coli and bacteriophage viruses, and more than 90% effective against Staphylococcus aureus, it won’t kill all bacteria and viruses, and 

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Audio-Technica doesn’t know how well it protects against the virus that causes COVID-19. It is unclear whether that refers to just the eartips, or the entire earbud.

The UV system may be the highlight of these earphones, but they also appear to have several other features that are rather interesting. You have the option of using an optimum mode that automatically adjusts to your surroundings or one of five preset noise-canceling settings. You can use the sidetone option and transparency mode to plainly hear your own voice during calls.

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The earphones are water resistant to IPX4 standards, and the case supports wireless charging. They should feature a very strong wireless connection and provide increased call quality, high-res audio up to 24-bit/96kHz, and low-latency for gaming as they are Snapdragon Sound-certified earbuds that can connect with aptX Adaptive to any Snapdragon Sound phone. Additionally, they enable AAC for usage with Apple gadgets.

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The TWX9 features Bluetooth multipoint, as is the case with an increasing number of modern wireless earbuds, allowing you to connect two devices at once and smoothly switch between them.

The battery life is the only area that appears to have potential for disappointment. While the charging case can only refresh them twice, for a total of just 18 hours, Audio-Technica claims that the headphones may be used continuously for six hours between charges. That’s far less than what you can anticipate from the brand’s other wireless earbuds, such the ATH-CKS50TW, which has an astounding 50 hours of battery life if you disable ANC.

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