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Audi’s concept car Urbansphere is humungous for city roads

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Audi’s concept car Urbansphere is humungous for city roads-GadgetAny
Audi’s concept car Urbansphere

Audi recently wrapped up unveiling its latest luxury concept car with Urbansphere, a giant EV. Additionally, according to the German automaker, the three concept cars will supposedly “reinvent mobility as we know it today.” The first was a sleek, wicked-looking electric convertible with an adjustable chassis – the Skyshpere. The second was a spacious electric sedan – the Grandsphere

Moreover, the company states that the Urbansphere is “for use in traffic-dense Chinese megacities.” Audi further added that “the concept is also suitable for any other metropolitan center in the world.” But unfortunately, the EV’s size, two feet longer than the 2022 Cadillac Escalade, makes it unsuitable for any city street.

Audi’s concept car Urbansphere
Audi’s concept car Urbansphere

Additionally, the picture revealed does not coincide with the numbers provided by the company. Plus, Audi illustrates Urbansphere as “the largest model in the sphere family and of all Audi concept cars to date.” In addition, the Urbansphere is 18 feet long, 6.6 feet wide, and 5.8 feet high, which is nerve-wracking. 

What’s more

Furthermore, studies show larger vehicles link to the increase in injury and death in the US, especially in dense megacities. According to the study, cities with a large number of oversized vehicles possess higher rates of pedestrian fatalities. Unfortunately, it is hard to comprehend what Audi had in mind when it first mapped out the dimensions for Urbansphere. The company describes its interior as a “lounge on wheels and a mobile office.”

Audi’s concept car Urbansphere

Additionally, the Urbansphere’s interior will serve as “a third living space during the time spent in traffic,” as  Audi states. Traffic that’s increasing due to the expanding size of vehicles, while the size of the roads remains the same.

On another note, Audi notes in the announcement that an LED display in the vehicle’s grille will help in “communication.” In addition, lighting symbols will signal left or right turns for the sake of other people on the roads. And, illuminated “eyebrows” will translate as turn signals. Fortunately, the Urbansphere is just a concept, so there is no guarantee that Audi will create the car. 

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