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Australian Company Gets $200 Million Contract for AI-Powered Reforestation Drones

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Image Credit: Twitter According to a news release, AirSeed Technologies, a business that specializes in environmental restoration, has teamed up with Conscious Investment Management (CIM) to create a $200 million carbon sequestration fund. This is AirSeed's first significant agreement with a top impact investment manager, and it is anticipated that it will bring in significant upfront revenue for the business over the following five years.


On February 11, 2021, Jordanian volunteers planted saplings near the Kufranjah forest, north of Amman, as seen in the photo. Biggest Fund for Carbon Sequestration One of the largest carbon sequestration funds of its kind is expected to be created with the help of the partnership between AirSeed and CIM. The alliance has proven AirSeed's highly effective planting method, which enhances the value proposition for extensive applications. AirSeed is beginning its Series A capital offering to seek more money in order to carry out this milestone contract and scale the firm to take full advantage of this disruptive potential. Several Australian companies have already partnered with AirSeed, including Telstra and Treasury Wine Estates' St. Hubert's The Stag brand. It is working with Telstra to set up greenery for a 240-hectare project that will absorb about 160,000 tons of carbon over a 25-year period. For the St. Hubert's The Stag brand, 100,000 seed pods will be planted this year. According to AirSeed, there is a rising demand for its large-scale, quick reforestation and revegetation solutions. Due to the growing concern over climate change, the company's memberships for both individuals and businesses in sustainability have also been in great demand. Drone Image Credit: Twitter 100,000,000 pods By 2024, the business expects to have planted 100 million pods. More than 650 hectares of pilot initiatives, including one of Australia's largest environmental plantings to date, are already under way there. According to AirSeed CEO and Co-Founder Andrew Walker, "getting a deal to work with CIM as it establishes one of the largest carbon sequestration funds of this type is an important validation of our value proposition for large-scale application of our solution. It also brings us significantly closer to our goal of 100 million plantings by 2024. Corporate investors that see the same economic and environmental opportunities have also been interested in the relationship with CIM. A few of these investors are currently in conversation with AirSeed, which is taking advantage of this exceptional and crucial opportunity at scale. With the start of its Series A investment round, the company will be able to execute on this enormous opportunity and continue to develop its business in order to satisfy the fast increasing demand for reforestation and replanting opportunities at the scale required to slow global warming. Read More: New York Limits Crypto Mining Due to Environmental Issues The restoration and carbon sequestration initiatives that AirSeed and CIM are working on are anticipated to benefit the environment and bring in a sizable amount of money up front for AirSeed. Additionally, it is anticipated that the cooperation would draw additional financiers to the cause of reducing climate change.

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