Automatically adjusting UI via specialized iPhone cases

Automatically adjusting UI specialized iPhone cases

Recently, Apple published a patent for reimagined, innovative, specialized iPhone cases and docks that support near-field wireless communication systems. Additionally, the new accessory might change the iPhone’s operation and user interface (UI). However, the company hasn’t confirmed if it will work on this new technology. 

Moreover, the new technology will alter an iPhone’s UI for a better screen control setup. Thus, users can easily use their devices, play games, and take photos in a self-driving vehicle. “The graphical UI activated when using a device with an accessory can be customized to a particular function,” notes Apple Patently. Hence, it can orient the UI depending on how users use the device. 

The new graphical interface will be simpler than the standard iPhone UI. Interestingly, the science behind the specialized iPhone cases and docks technology is that they will come with a unique chip. And this chip will help the accessories to activate automatic UI adjustments. 

Automatically adjusting UI specialized iPhone cases

Furthermore, the patent contains images of an iPhone sitting within a Car Dock. Consequently, it shows that CarPlay and Maps replace their standard UI when a user inserts an iPhone. Additionally, the new Apple patent images show that the specialized iPhone cases can either remove or add buttons. Thus, the specialized iPhone cases and docks will change the UI of the device according to the accessory.

For instance, in a sport-focused protective case, an iPhone will automatically replace its graphical interface with one that is sport-focused. In addition, when placed on a speaker dock, it will change its UI to a set of audio playback controls. 

It isn’t easy to imagine how these specialized iPhone cases and docks will look. But they do sound pretty cool, and iPhone users are eager to see these accessories in real.

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