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Bad News for Users: Samsung TVs to Drop Ring Doorbell, Google Assistant Integration

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If you are a Samsung TV user who has been enjoying the comfort of getting to your Ring doorbell feed or communicating with Google Assistant directly from your TV, prepare yourself for some disappointing news. Samsung has as of late declared that it will end the incorporation of Ring doorbells and cameras for all TV models released between 2018 and 2021. Alongside this tech goliath, Google has confirmed that its Google Assistant support on Samsung TVs will likewise discontinue next month.

Changes Affecting Older Samsung TV Models

For the users who have become used to these features, this decision might come as a disappointment to them. Whether it is checking who's at the door without leaving the comfort of your couch or using voice commands to control other smart home devices, these integrations have made the lives of Samsung TV owners much better. But, why the sudden change? While Samsung has not given a particular reason for this decision, speculations point towards recent improvements, for example, Ring's subscription price hikes and Google's policy changes. No matter what the reason, the outcome remains the same: clients will lose access to features they have come to depend on. Also Read: Are You Experiencing Unintended Mouse Cursor Movements? Learn How to Address this Common Issue Samsung has previously confirmed that older TV models lost the ability to see Ring doorbell camera feeds on February 13. Moreover, Google Meet, Google's video chat application, will disappear from Samsung screens on March 9, seriously limiting video calling capabilities for users who use their TV's built-in camera.

Sudden Price Hikes on Ring

The timing of these changes couldn't be more terrible for certain users, particularly with Amazon's new declaration of Ring subscription price hikes starting March 11. This adds to the dissatisfaction of customers already grappling with the loss of features on their Samsung TVs. Because of these turns of events, a few users might consider contemplating alternatives, for example, using streaming devices like Amazon Fire TV Stick or Roku to regain access to their most loved apps and services. Nonetheless, for those profoundly settled in the Samsung ecosystem, the loss of integration with Ring and Google Assistant in any case be difficult to accept. As Samsung TVs say goodbye to Ring Doorbell and Google Assistant's great combination, users are only left with the task of adjusting to these transformations and exploring different solutions. While these terminations might bother the smart home experience for some, the developing landscape of technology frequently requires users to be adaptable and open to new possibilities.

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