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Bothered About AI Taking Over Your Job? These 5 Prompt Engineering Courses Will Get Your Ready For The Future

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Image credit : Tech Talks In order to ensure that the computer understands human language precisely as the user meant, prompt engineering is a new topic that has emerged as generative AI models continue to advance. Numerous programs, resources, and job possibilities for quick engineering skills have resulted from this. So, if you're considering upskilling, pick one of the courses from the list below for the greatest resources. DeepLearning.AI DeepLearning by Andrew Ng.'ChatGPT Prompt Engineering for Developers' is a new course that AI and OpenAI have developed together. The online course will teach you how to properly use a large language model (LLM) to create innovative and potent applications. Ng and Isabella Fulford, an employee of OpenAI's technical department, will instruct a new course on LLM operation. In addition to showcasing the different ways that LLM APIs can be used in applications for summarization, inference, text modification, and expansion, the course intends to provide helpful prompt engineering advice. The course will also teach you how to design a custom chatbot and discuss two key ideas for creating good prompts. It will also show you how to develop prompts methodically. The quick 1.5-hour training is accessible to beginners with a basic understanding of Python and is developed with beginners in mind. But it's also beneficial for seasoned machine learning experts who want to employ LLMs and explore the cutting edge of rapid engineering. [caption id="attachment_170071" align="aligncenter" width="1034"]Prompt Engineering Image credit : Kickstarter[/caption] Learn Prompting 101 The 'Learn Prompting 101' by at AI is geared at beginners and covers a wide range of topics, from basic AI ideas to sophisticated prompt engineering methods. It is a free and open-source course that offers thorough instruction without using a lot of technical jargon. The training is practical, offers simple-to-understand examples, and promotes group learning. It is divided into a number of chapters that cover dependability, images, prompt injection, tooling, prompt tuning, and various other topics in addition to basic, moderate, and advanced applications. Reputable institutions like Wikipedia, O'Reilly, Scale AI, and OpenAI highly regard and refer to the course. Prompt Engineering+: Master Speaking To AI 'Prompt Engineering: Master Speaking To AI' is a free, succinct, but thorough course on Udemy that teaches advanced prompt engineering methods. The lesson covers advanced ideas like one-shot, few-shot, and zero-shot cues as well as the anatomy of a manufactured prompt and the prompt attitude. There are various strategies for process optimization and best practices. Developers, designers, authors, bloggers, business owners, marketers, salespeople, and students majoring in computer science, data science, or artificial intelligence are all appropriate candidates for the course. This course will be useful to anyone with an interest in AI and language models. Prompt Engineering: Getting Future Ready [caption id="attachment_170074" align="aligncenter" width="1280"]Prompt-Engineering- Image credit : Colin Scotland[/caption] The 'Prompt Engineering: Getting Future Ready' course, which costs Rs 449 and is one of Udemy's best sellers, is geared towards novices and covers a wide range of prompt engineering-related topics. It focuses on the key tools used in prompt engineering, such as ChatGPT, Stable Diffusion, and Midjourney, and contains more than 1000 prompts, templates, and resources. Participants will obtain a thorough understanding of the distinctions between text-to-text and image-to-image generation as well as how to use each of these tools successfully. The course includes a thorough prompt guide with real-world examples, practical exercises, and step-by-step instructions to assist students in producing images and text that are virtually indistinguishable from actual life. Also read : This AI Job Can Get You A 6-Figure Salary & It Doesn’t Need Any Computer Engineering Background Beginners, seasoned AI practitioners, and professionals wishing to incorporate rapid engineering into their work are all appropriate candidates for the program. Participants will learn skills in areas like coloring book design, email marketing, SEO strategies, AI-generated art, startup building, and social media campaigns. Participants must have a working computer and an OpenAI account, but no prior programming experience is necessary. Prompt Engineering for ChatGPT People can learn how to use large language models, like ChatGPT, by taking the Coursera course "Prompt Engineering for ChatGPT." However, the quality of the prompts that are offered by the user determines how effective these models are, and the course will give students the skills they need to produce effective prompts. Anyone with a basic understanding of computers can access the course, and it offers a variety of prompts that range from simple to complex, allowing students to solve issues in a variety of fields. Students who successfully complete the course will be able to use large language models to accomplish a variety of tasks in both their personal and professional life. A certificate and the course are both free.

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