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Use of Fingerprint Sensor Required to Open Incognito Tabs, Report

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Use of Fingerprint Sensor Required to Open Incognito Tabs, Report-GadgetAny
Chrome Incognito

Google is bestowing a neat and handy feature to Chrome for Android that will make browsing in Incognito mode even more discreet. As a result, Google Chrome now has a setting that enables a user to lock and unlock private browsing tabs with a fingerprint.

Furthermore, the feature is similar to the one the company introduced for the Drive app for iOS in 2020. It is a part of the Privacy Screen settings of the app. In addition, it allows users to lock and unlock Google Drive access on iPhones using Face or Touch ID. 



Moreover, in Chrome for Android, the feature will instantly lock the Incognito tabs once users exit the browser. Then, when they reopen Chrome and try to reaccess those tabs, a gray screen with an “Unlock Incognito” option at the bottom will appear. However, to open those tabs, users will require fingerprint authentication. 

Additionally, users can even hide the Incognito tabs behind a PIN. But, it might not be a better option than a fingerprint as many people might know users’ PINs. 

How to turn on the feature?

To enable the feature, go to Chrome’s Settings > Privacy and Security > Lock Incognito tabs when you leave Chrome

Bottom line

Chrome Incognito


Although Incognito mode in Chrome adds ample discreetness to users’ activity on the browser, if someone other than the users were to use the browser, they might accidentally see users’ private activity if those tabs were open. Thus, fingerprint authentication to Chrome’s Incognito mode is an additional layer of privacy to users’ activity on the browser. Therefore, it’s useful, particularly when users lend their devices to others. 

On the other hand, Incognito’s fingerprint lock hasn’t rolled out widely yet. However, users can enable it right now with the following Chrome flag on recent Android versions:


Nonetheless, since the flag is already in the stable channel (Chrome 105), a launch is imminent sooner rather than later. 

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